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Here you will find information about the latest events in our company and in the Oracle community.

Upcoming Events

  • How to Combine Global Best Practices with China Localization Projects?
    Click here to register for the webcast "How to Combine Global Best Practices with China Localization Projects?" that happens on Dec 3rd 2014
  • The 3 B's of Testing >>
    A seamless Go Live is truly priceless - but achieving that goal requires correctly identifying what must be tested, how it should be tested and when it needs to be tested. Learn how to get on the right rack by joining our webcast: "The 3 B's of Testing: Basics, Best Practices and Best Strategies" on November 18th.
  • Answer the Million Dollar Question on Customizations >>
    Executing an Oracle E-Business Suite upgrade means new technology stack patches, architectures and system management features. Learn how to 
    reduce the risk of your Oracle E-Business Suite upgrade, while meeting your business needs and delivering integrated innovations such as social, mobile, and the cloud at our November 20th webcast: "Answering the million dollar question for Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2 Customization"


Recent Events

  • The Business Value of User Productivity
    Is your organization struggling to improve productivity? Are your processes mined by workforce fluctuations, travel restrictions, lack of standardization, and shrinking budgets? Find out how Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) can mitigate these risks. Register here for our November 11th webcast "The Business Value of User Productivity".
  • How to Comply with China's VAT Regulations and Golden Tax System
    What worries Oracle E-Business Suite users China the most is configuring Oracle to meet local statutory requirements. Oracle does provide a Golden Tax Adapter but it has some real limitations. Learn how you can easily overcome those limitations and stay in full compliance by registering here to our October 30th webcast!
  • Exclusive Insight on Oracle R12.2.4 from OpenWorld
    Oracle R12.2.4 was released a month ago, and at Oracle OpenWorld 2014 it created a definite buzz. IT Convergence's CTO Gustavo Gonzalez attended OOW and is inviting you to find out why at our October 9th webcast.
  • Make Oracle ERP Better, Faster and Stronger with OATS 
    There is a smart and cost-efficient ERP testing option that ensures quality and ROI. Learn how to take full advantage from it at our September 23rd webcast. Register here to reserve your spot!
  • Connect to Oracle ERP via Oracle Cloud Adapter 
    For too long the conflict between "Best of Breed vs. Easy Integration" left ERP and CRM users in an "either/or" situation. The arrival of Oracle Cloud Adapter changed all that. Join us for our September 19th webcast.
  • Go Tapeless with BaaS - Webcast Encore 
    Wouldn't it be nice if you could simplify backups by eliminating tapes and its associated costs and inconveniences? EMC and ITC will show you how to achieve this during our September 16th webcast. 
  • Overcoming the China Oracle ERP Localization Challenges 
    China offers multinational firms a host of opportunities, but capitalizing on those chances requires a robust ERP solution. To help you meet these challenges, we invite you to our September 11th webcast.
  • ¿Cómo Cumplir con los Nuevos Requerimientos Fiscales de México? 
    The Mexican Tax Administration Service (SAT) established two new statutory obligations for companies operating in the country. Join us for our September 9th webcast to understand these changes and develop a strategy to adjust your ERP software. This webcast will be held in Spanish.
  • Planning your future: Choosing your path to EBS R12.1, R12.2 or Fusion Apps 
    Find out which Oracle ERP path is right for you. Join us for our September 4th webcast to make the right decision. 
  • How to Comply with Mexico Financial Changes
    The Mexican Tax Administration Service (SAT) established two new statutory obligations for companies operating in the country. What does this mean to your organization? Register for our August 28th webcast to learn more!
  • Oracle UPK for Higher Education
    Need to train contingent workers, part-time employees, students, or contractors on how to use software systems within a tight budget and time-frame? Charlie McMahon from Tulane University, will share Tulane's experience with ITC and Oracle UPK in our August 21st webcast.

  • Go Tapeless - Make Simple, Easy Backups to the Cloud with ITC BaaS
    Wouldn't it be nice if you could simplify backups by eliminating tapes and all of the associated cost and inconvenience? Learn how ITC leverages EMC's Data Domain deduplication technology to eliminate tapes for good. Register for our August 14th webcast.
  • What is Oracle UPK?
    Is your organization tired of reinventing the wheel each time you upgrade or implement new business software? Fortunately, with Oracle's User Productivity Kit, there's no need to. Register for our July 31st webcast to unlock the value of your ERP solution.

  • Extend eCommerce Capabilities with Oracle SOA B2B 
    eCommerce is supposed to be quick, convenient and cheap. But there's always a hitch. Register here for our July 25th webcast to learn how Oracle SOA Suite's B2B offers a solution to these headaches.

  • The Dollars and Sense of Backup as a Service (BaaS) - Avamar & Data Domain ROI/TCO vs. Tape ROI/TCO 
    The arrival of deduplication technologies like EMC's Avamar and Data Domain have opened the door to quality, cloud-based data backup solutions that are also cost-effective. IT Convergence and EMC are inviting you to our July 17th webcast to lear more. Reserve your spot here!

  • Empower JD Edwards Users with Oracle UPK 
    Companies rolling out JD Edwards struggle with end-user adoption. But this needn't be the case. We're partnering up with Oracle to bring you our July 10th webcast. Register here!

  • Conquer the Oracle R12 Challenge in Latin America  
    Oracle R12.2's on-line patching is a true game changer that transforms R12 upgrades in Latam into strategic investments, but significant challenges remain. Learn project management strategies to face these challenges from our June 26th webcast.
  • Streamline ERP Testing with Oracle UPK  
    Are you deploying or upgrading Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Siebel or even SAP? Rigorous testing is crucial to ERP implementation success so we're inviting you to our June 24th webcast. Save your spot now!

  • Next-Generation Backup and Recovery Webcast Series
    Why Deduplication technology is it revolutionizing the way we do backup? Join us for our June 19th webcast "Data Domain & Deduplication Basics 101: Data Domain & Avamar Solutions vs. Traditional Tape Solutions" to understand this hot topic.

  • Value vs. Cost: How to Get Both Out of a Cloud Services Provider 
    Moving to the Cloud isn't as simple as it is sometimes made out to be. Take full advantage of the Cloud by joining our June 12th webcast.

  • What's New in Oracle UPK 12.1 
    Planning on upgrading? Already done it? Regardless, this customer-driven release blends new expert features, usability enhancements, and performance improvements that position UPK as the premier product in its space. Join us here for our May 29th webcast.

  • Get Your ERP to Talk to with Oracle Cloud Adapter 
    Oracle Cloud Adaptor's arrival makes integration more convenient and less costly than ever. Join here our May 22nd webcast to learn more.

  • Collaborate 14 Oracle UPK Encore webcast  
    For those of you unable to attend Collaborate 14 but want to know more about User Productivity Kit features, function, capabilities and the roadmap for the future, do not worry! Join here our April 23rd webcast.
  • Next Generation Cloud Backup with IT Convergence!  
    We have partnered with EMC to develop next-generation backup solutions that pair security with simplicity. To learn more, join our April 15th webcast. Register here!
  • Support Global ERP Rollouts with Oracle UPK: The Diodes China Story  
    The biggest concern for Oracle E-Business Suite users in China is setting up Oracle to comply with the PRC's statutory requirements. Join us for our March 27th webcast to have insights on how to accomplish this!
  • Jumpstart Monitoring and Alerts with a BAM! 
    Sign up for our March 13th webcast and learn how to leverage Oracle Business Activity Monitoring (Oracle BAM) to monitor your organization's services and processes to achieve end-to-end visibility.
  • Streamline Your Application Project with Oracle UPK 
    Don't fall into the "UPK is only a training tool" trap, and discover Oracle UPK as an end-to-end solution that supports every phase of the ERP, HCM or CRM lifecycle. Join our March 13th webcast to learn more.
  • Utilizing UPK for Your PeopleSoft 9.2 Upgrade 
    Did you know that by combining Oracle UPK with the right PeopleSoft upgrade approach, companies can further increase the ROI on their PeopleSoft investment? Join our February 28th webcast to learn more!
  • Resolution for 2014: Rollout Oracle R12 in China 
    Join our January 23rd webcast and learn why Oracle R12 is the key to successfully setting up business in China.
  • How to Justify the Business Value of UPK 
    Did you know that increasing investment in user productivity can achieve greater benefits for your business? Join our December 12th webcast and see concrete examples..
  • Oracle R12.2 y Usted: Experiencia de un Beta Tester - Webcast in Spanish 
    Oracle R12.2's on-line patching functionality promises to revolutionize E-Business Suite maintenance and management. In our November 28th webcast we'll share our experiences from the R12.2 Beta Testing program. Register today to reserve your spot!
  • Enterprise Integration with Oracle Service Bus 
    Corporations invest time and effort in integrating systems and applications. Our November 20th webcast shows how Oracle Service Bus transforms existing integrations to provide flexibility, speed, and security. Register now for "Oracle Service Bus: Build a Robust Integration Platform with Service Virtualization".