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Leverage ANCILE solutions to achieve Health IT optimization

The Healthcare industry has been on one of the most dramatic technological transformation journeys, moving from paper to digital records on a quest for interoperability, enhanced patient care, and reduced costs.

We have a strong experience on training and performance support solutions for EHRs and Health IT, and we have joined forces with ANCILE solutions to actively create resources and services to provide a higher ROI for health IT investments and drive end-user adoption for health IT applications.

How can uPerform help with EHR and user adoption?
  • Skyrocket Your Return on Health IT Investment
  • Go beyond the EHR and leverage training in other applications
  • Deliver onboarding training to hundreds of physicians and students weekly
  • Prepare new users for go-live, on-time and under budget.
  • Provide training available on desktop, tablet and mobile devices

The ITC Difference

  • Full service provider, from EHR/ERP training to testing and beyond
  • ANCILE’s first and only partner in Healthcare
  • Proven success in healthcare user adoption

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