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Oracle E-Business Suite

Oracle R12.1 and R12.2 Upgrades

At IT Convergence, we embrace the fact that each company is differentKnowing that one size doesn’t fit all, we have developed three alternatives that will suit your needs when upgrading to Oracle R12.1 or R12.2. All of our service options are designed to avoid critical interruptions and minimize downtime, maintaining continuity as you migrate your ERP solution to a new platform – on-time, and on-budget..

Technical Upgrade: The Oracle EBS technical upgrade delivers a working R12.1 or R12.2 system, which mirrors your previous transactional processing without business process transformation. Our EBS Technical Upgrade provides a fixed price solution that gets you live on Oracle R12.1 or R12.2 in just a few short months.

Transformational: Organizations interested in enhancing business processes while upgrading to Oracle R12.1 or R12.2 should consider our Transformational EBS Upgrade service. This service offering is geared towards companies with a large Oracle footprint and complex business flows, but who still do not need to do a full reimplementation.

Hybrid: Our EBS Hybrid Upgrade combines elements of our EBS Technical Upgrade and our Transformational EBS Upgrade services to give you an upgrade timeline that is both rapid and predictable while also including strategic configuration upgrades and new functionality process designs.

Oracle EBS Technical Upgrade

Our Oracle EBS Technical Upgrade provides a fixed price solution and is designed for organizations seeking a rapid, no frills upgrade to Oracle R12.1 or R12.2.

The EBS Technical Upgrade delivers a working Oracle R12.1 or R12.2 system that mirrors your transactional processing in your previous EBS version without business process transformation. Each project follows a similar path:

  • Assessing your existing 11i or 12.0 environment
  • Validating your environment’s functional qualifications
  • Verifying the count and complexity of your CEMLI (Configurations Extensions Modifications Localizations Integration Framework) objects

Throughout the duration of your project, you’ll work with a dedicated Project Manager who will coordinate with an onshore or offshore team of technical and functional experts who will support and test the upgrade process.

IT Convergence has been delivering Oracle Applications Release 12 upgrades since 2007 and 12.2 upgrades since 2013. We have ample experience in a variety of environments (RAC, Distributed ASCP and SOA, among others) and employ consistent timelines and processes.

Oracle EBS Transformational Upgrade

E-Business Suite users seeking both a technical Oracle EBS Upgrade as well as comprehensive business process enhancements should consider our Transformational Upgrade. This service offering is geared towards companies with a large Oracle footprint who need to migrate to Oracle R12.1 or R12.2. This includes organizations that:

  • Have grown significantly, either organically or due to acquisitions and mergers
  • Are currently using 30 or more Oracle E-Business Suite modules
  • Support multiple countries with complex localization requirements (such as Asia Pacific or Latin America)
  • Maintain a complex enterprise structure such as a shared services model

Each Oracle EBS Transformational Upgrade begins with an Oracle R12.1 or R12.2 functional review, during which our team assesses your environment and identifies the gaps to be addressed (CEMLI retirement, remediation and additional extension requirements).

In a second stage, our team implements R12.1 or R12.2’s new features and modules while our Education Services department develops custom curricula to train your staff on new functionalities and features.

Oracle EBS Hybrid Upgrade

Our Oracle EBS Hybrid Upgrade combines elements of our EBS Upgrade in a Box and our Transformational EBS Upgrade services to give you an upgrade timeline that is both rapid and predictable, while also including strategic configuration upgrades and new functionality process designs.

Oracle Hybrid upgrades allow you to leverage the rapid implementation approach for most of the project, yet take a deeper dive towards incorporating new functionality and new processes. This gives you the chance to execute a seamless R12.1 or R12.2 Technical Upgrade while achieving modest business process transformation.

Oracle R12.1 and R12.2 Reimplementation

Because of a reimplementation’s cost and complexity, most customers are reticent to embark on an effort of that magnitude. Our services begin with a Foundation Analysis, where we assess your Chart of Accounts, multi-organization structure and customizations to validate that an R12.1 or an R12.2 Reimplementation is the right solution for you.

Most companies choose reimplementation because they have undergone a fundamental business change or they have simply grown to the point where their existing configurations won’t meet the operational needs of the business. To address these issues, our functional and technical experts:

  • Determine whether its more cost-effective to migrate your 11i or 12.0 customizations, or simply eliminate them with standard R12.1 or R12.2 functionality
  • Assess process deficiencies and incorporate best practices so as to avoid issues in the future
  • Determine if a reimplementation isn’t necessary and objectives can be accomplished with alternative steps

All of this enables us to design an Oracle E-Business Suite solution that is robust enough to meet your functionality needs of today, while being scalable enough to keep pace as your business grows.

Compliance with Oracle R12.2 Standards

IT Convergence has developed a Development Standards Analyzer (DSA) tool that identifies, analyzes  and reports violations to the standards in your customizations. The DSA tool provides details of the nature of the standard, reasons why it is required, instructions on fixing the issues and impact analysis.

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