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Oracle User Productivity Kit


Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) is a comprehensive content development platform that can help your organization transform the way you do business.

IT Convergence offers comprehensive UPK solutions, from installation and hosting to training, strategy consulting and content development. Thanks to our highly skilled team of Oracle-Certified UPK Specialists, IT Convergence is the only Oracle-Specialized company in delivering UPK solutions globally, including:

UPK in the Project Life Cycle

IT Convergence’s highly skilled Oracle Certified UPK Specialists leverage UPK solutions to support all stages of your Application implementation or upgrade project.

UPK Content Development

Our Oracle-Certified and experienced consultants deliver highly customized UPK topics tailored to suit your business needs. Our consultants understand how to maximize adoption by creating instructionally sound and conceptually enhanced content that will cater to the diverse adult learning styles in your organization.

UPK Product Strategy Consulting

We help our customers build an effective UPK product strategy to achieve a rapid ROI on their UPK investment. This includes establishing governance, roles and responsibilities; identifying outlines and optimizing the tool’s usage, outputs and deployment methods.

UPK Breakout Training

We provide hands-on functional training for the internal resources who will be responsible for developing UPK content. Our UPK Administrator Training is aimed at UPK Admins who will own the UPK tool and manage content, approvals, publishing and deployment efforts.

UPK and Knowledge Center Install and Upgrade

ITC’s team performs the installation, configuration and testing of the UPK Developer Client and its Learning Management System (LMS), the Knowledge Center; as well as migration to the latest version and conversion of the already existing content.

UPK Hosting

We have partnered with two world class, state-of-the-art data centers. Both facilities are Uptime Institute Rated Level III+/IV SAS70 certified, which means that your Oracle UPK instance will be hosted in some of the most secure and most redundant data centers in the world.

UPK Integration to Testing Automation tools

We can help you leverage Oracle User Productivity Kit to automate test scripts creation and integrate them into multiple testing automation tools, including: Oracle Automated Testing Suite, HP Testing Suite and Original Software.

UPK Resources

IT Convergence’s UPK Solutions can help your organization leverage the power of this transformational tool to streamline your business operations. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you unlock the value of Oracle UPK to achieve a rapid ROI on your technology investment.

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