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Ensure your ERP Project Success with Oracle UPK

Oracle UPK is a comprehensive development platform that you can use to capture and distribute knowledge throughout your organization.

Often thought of as a training tool, UPK actually delivers value through every aspect of Oracle ERP project lifecycle. IT Convergence’s UPK solutions are designed to help you unlock the power of this transformational tool as we help you streamline information sharing and increase productivity across the organization.

IT Convergence offers full UPK project lifecycle implementation support with highly skilled, Oracle Certified UPK Specialists with years of training experience and functional implementation expertise on Oracle Applications. We can help you leverage UPK for:

Process Review and Design

UPK can help you compile the system process information which is an essential step to define business requirements, devise a comprehensive project overview and conduct a fit-gap analysis.

Application Setup and Configuration

We can use UPK to record content specifically related to system setup and configuration of your ERP solution.


UPK can be utilized to support all types of project testing reducing time and improving accuracy.

Change Management

We will leverage UPK to standardize system processes and to increase the possibility of employees understanding, embracing and even driving change.

Knowledge Retention and Transfer

We can help you publish out of UPK several deliverables to support your change management and knowledge transfer practices.

End User Adoption

Unlock the full power of UPK as an end-to-end solution that addresses all aspects of both end-user training and user adoption from day one of the project.

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