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User Interface

Improve your productivity through Oracle EBS User Experience

In the latest release of E-Business Suite, Oracle’s development initiatives are leaning towards productivity. Besides Oracle’s mobile applications, it’s extensively and continuously modernizing its User Interface. E-Business Suite Release 12.2 comes with an updated look & feel, touch-friendly layouts, touch gestures, simplified home page and header, and rich interactions for table and hierarchical grid.

The renewed interface was designed to increase end-user productivity by enabling you to produce creative insights, make timely decisions and complete work more efficiently.

Oracle’s User Experience Modernization consist of:

Simplified UI

Tablet Optimization and Mobile Application

Improved OAF Framework

16 ENDECA Extensions

Do you want to learn more before your E-Business Suite upgrade? Watch our webinar recording presented by Gustavo Gonzalez, CTO at IT Convergence, Oracle ACE Director, who’s also one of the members of the Customer Advisor Board of E-Business Suite, and member and advocate of the Oracle Usability Advisor board. Watch our webinar recording here.

Read more about how ITC can help you add extensions to your existing E-Business Suite environment here.


There are various situations where the need is not only modifing an existing page but rather develop a new user interface that changes the interaction with the system or provides new functionalities that currently don’t exist in E-Business Suite. For those organizations, who are looking for ways to extend their business capabilities, we are offering CloudIO Customer WorkCenter.

CloudIO is an enterprise platform that provides an extensive library of solutions built for existing EBS customers. New customers seeking a rich browser interface with the efficiency of hot keys, rapid tabbing features and intuitive navigation will have access to this library. CloudIO offers seamless integration with Oracle security enabling role-based functions in any application, right out of the box. It’s running in numerous production environments for customers running EBS version 11i through 12.2.


Main features of CloudIO Customer WorkCenter:

Easily configurable UI

Themes and custom styles

Mobile web enabled

Multi language support

Social features

Visual feedback

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