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Testing Services

In today’s competitive global marketplace, ERP Testing has become an expert service area that requires comprehensive knowledge in ERP software, processes, methodologies, and technology.

On the surface, Oracle E-Business Suite testing might seem simple and straightforward, but several key challenges have traditionally bedeviled ERP testing engagements. By nature, ERP Systems are highly integrated and it takes discipline and coordinated efforts to properly test business processes across the entire ERP footprint.

At ITC we provide a full range of Testing Services and offer a comprehensive Testing Strategy. Our extensive experience in developing, transforming, testing, and supporting ERP applications across numerous industries has helped businesses achieve comprehensive testing coverage, accomplish early defect detection and lower the costs of quality assurance.

We believe in helping our clients develop the right Testing Strategy with the right testing tools.

  • Software Testing
    Ensure the success of a software product during its life cycle, simplifying maintenance and allowing for gap-analysis against requirement specifications and user needs
  • Value Proposition
    Reduce operation costs and functional failure risks while adding structure, discipline and objectivity
  • ITC Expertise
    Our team of experts is skilled in Automation and Functional Testing and has ample experience in different business process areas

Reduce operation costs while adding structure, discipline and objectivity.

Core Testing Services

Effective testing begins with identifying what needs to be tested and using the right tools to manage the testing.

Automation Testing

Simply put, Automated Testing is automating the Functional Testing, Load Testing and Test Management processes.

Oracle Application Testing Suite

In today’s global marketplace, Oracle E-Business Suite can be a powerful ally for lowering costs, improving efficiency and increasing business agility.

UPK to OATS/QTP Integration

During any Oracle ERP implementation or upgrade, comprehensive testing is a critical step which helps ensure your ERP solution works correctly.

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