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UPK to OATS/QTP Integration

During any Oracle ERP implementation or Oracle ERP upgrade project, comprehensive and accurate testing is a critical step which helps ensure your ERP solution will work correctly at go-live.

At IT Convergence, we use UPK/uPerform to support all types of project testing, including:

  • Integration Testing:record and combine individual UPK/uPerform topics to create end-to-end integration test scripts
  • User Acceptance Testing: UPK/uPerform topics can be organized by process flow or job role to simulate real transaction processing
  • Upgrade and System Patch Testing: relevant scripts or topic frames can be changed to address new functionalities without modifying the entire library

IT Convergence also leverages UPK/uPerform integration with test management software such as Oracle Application Testing Suite (OATS), HP Quick Test Pro. We have automated UPK/uPerform scripts in QTP without recording and script development. The Business process framework in HPQC can automate UPK/uPerform Manual Test Scripts with minimal effort.

Benefits of IT Convergence UPK/uPerform Testing Services

  • Reduce manual test plan development time and dependency on the business/IT teams
  • Cut time needed to execute User Acceptance Tests
  • Improve standardization, test plan accuracy and productivity up to 40%

Create the foundation for a reusable documentation system, application simulations, end-user performance support and a strong Business Process Framework