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Past Events

  • Open Enrollment 2016 – Invest now or pay later?

    Open Enrollment is arguably one the most stressful events on an employee and an employer's back office. It presents the employee with an opportunity to move in and out of benefit plans without a qualifying event; but how to know which plan to pick? What should you be looking out for? Who will manage the daily administrative tasks during your Open Enrollment window? How will you address the systematic and legal changes coming as a part of the Affordable Care Act?

    There are several opportunities for improvement in preparation for the 2016 Open Enrollment window. To find out where these lie, we're inviting companies like yours to our webcast: "Open Enrollment 2016 – Invest now or pay later?".

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  • Maximize your ROI with UPK’s Knowledge Center

    Knowledge center is Oracle User Productivity Kit's prepackaged Learning Management System and it's one valuable component that is often overlooked.

    While everyone may know of Knowledge Center as the place to deploy all UPK Content, there are many lesser known uses that not all of the UPK users are aware of.

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  • Ease the pain of your R12.2 Upgrade

    Are you moving your Oracle E-Business Suite applications to R12.2 in 2015? Then you probably want to be well prepared to address the challenges in order to achieve a smoother transition.

    On April 26th 2015, ITC completed a successful internal upgrade to E-Business Suite Release 12.2.4. The unique and major success factor of the project was performing the upgrade 100% remotely. Besides applying the offshore approach, there are other ways to significantly lower the cost of your upgrade project.

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  • The 3 B’s of Testing: Basics, Best Practices and Best Strategies

    Given the time and budget businesses invest in ERP solutions, it is no wonder that spending on QA and Testing is on the rise, because a seamless Go Live is truly priceless! But achieving that goal requires correctly identifying what must be tested, how it should be tested and when it needs to be tested. And pulling that off can often times be a trick. That's why we're inviting companies like yours to our webcast The 3 B's of Testing: Basics, Best Practices and Best Strategies.

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  • Simplify Your Accounting with Oracle Subledger Accounting (SLA)

    Subledger Accounting and its acronym "SLA" are no new terms. However, for some companies, SLA's features and benefits are still not quite clear. In E-Business Suite R12, Oracle has changed SLA's strategy dramatically in order to simplify  accounting while complying with local and international regulations. This webcast goes over these topics and more.

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