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Past Events

  • The 3 B’s of Testing: Basics, Best Practices and Best Strategies

    Given the time and budget businesses invest in ERP solutions, it is no wonder that spending on QA and Testing is on the rise, because a seamless Go Live is truly priceless! But achieving that goal requires correctly identifying what must be tested, how it should be tested and when it needs to be tested. And pulling that off can often times be a trick. That's why we're inviting companies like yours to our webcast The 3 B's of Testing: Basics, Best Practices and Best Strategies.

  • Simplify Your Accounting with Oracle Subledger Accounting (SLA)

    Subledger Accounting and its acronym "SLA" are no new terms. However, for some companies, SLA's features and benefits are still not quite clear. In E-Business Suite R12, Oracle has changed SLA's strategy dramatically in order to simplify  accounting while complying with local and international regulations. This webcast goes over these topics and more.

  • Oracle Discoverer: It’s Time To Move On

    Today's industry standards require much more than what Discoverer has to offer. A reporting tool needs to be agile, intuitive, and easily customizable to suit all business needs. Now is a productive time to consider the next step in your company's reporting.

    Join us to be introduced to a modern Reporting Workcenter, called CloudIO.

  • The Hitchhiker’s Guide to end-to-end SOA B2B Testing

    It is important to note that suddenly, with the advent of mobile, cloud and internet of things, there is an additional complexity to the existing challenges that organizations face. Organizations are struggling to align technology, people and processes. Everyone is looking at Oracle SOA to provide a simplified integration solution and answer the challenge of performing end-to-end SOA B2B Testing.

    Is your company in the same galaxy? Don't Panic!

    To help companies like yours find the answers, we're inviting you to our webcast: 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to end-to-end SOA B2B Testing'.

  • Best Strategies for BI: Unleashing the power of Real-time Analytics

    When you think about it, there is a great deal out there that we can't see. The vastness of the universe, the full spectrum of light, or the other side of the moon. But when it comes to your company's data, you should be able to appreciate the full scope of it.

    Several Data Discovery tools have emerged in the past couple of years, introducing a paradigm shift in Data Analysis Solutions. The time has come for you to unleash your data's true potential! Join our live webinar as we share the best strategies to implement Qlik and Tableau, the two leading tools in the market.