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Past Events

  • Upgrading to Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2: The Road to success

    From the beginning Oracle has continuously worked to improve the user experience of its technologies. With the recent launch of R12.2.4, Oracle introduced new sets of tools that contribute to the improvement of how companies do business. IT Convergence was a part of Oracle’s R12.2 Beta Testers and we know every detail of their technology. This time we are going to present everything you need to know about E-Business Suite R12.2.4.

  • The Business Value of Oracle User Productivity Kit

    Today, organizations face numerous challenges that torpedo productivity. Now, more than ever, workforce fluctuations, ineffective organizational processes, travel restrictions, lack of standardization, and shrinking budgets hamstring ERP projects and can decrease Return on Investment. Did you know the Oracle UPK provides a cost-effective solution towards mitigating all of these productivity killers?

  • How to Comply with China’s VAT Regulations and Golden Tax System

    In China, Oracle E-Business Suite users biggest concern is neither cultural, nor linguistic, nor is it related to finding skilled consultants. Their biggest worry is actually configuring Oracle to meet local statutory requirements. And perhaps there is no bigger requirement than issuing Value-Added Tax Invoices via China’s Compulsory Golden Tax system.

  • Exclusive Insight on Oracle R12.2.4 from OpenWorld 2014

    Oracle OpenWorld 2014 has come and gone. The announcements about user experience innovation, operational efficiency improvements, and various cloud initiatives made headlines, and one item that created a definite buzz was Oracle R12.2.4 -- even though R12.2 was released a year ago.

  • Make Oracle ERP Better, Faster and Stronger with Oracle OATS

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Testing is arguably the most important step in the enterprise applications lifecycle. But too often it gets overlooked, underutilized or only squeezed in at the very end. Fortunately, there is a smarter, more cost-efficient ERP testing option that ensures quality and ROI. Oracle OATS (Oracle Application Testing Suite) is a robust testing tool that cuts the cost of testing while providing quality assurance. To help companies like yours take full advantage, we're inviting you to our webcast.