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Past Events

  • Overcoming the China Oracle ERP Localization Challenges

    We would like to thank everyone for your interest and participation in our webcast "Overcoming the China Oracle ERP Localization Challenges", which was a complete success. We hope that you enjoyed the presentation, but more importantly, we hope you now have a better understanding of how organizations like yours can leverage Oracle E-Business Suite to streamline business operations in China.

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  • Simplify Complexity Globally and Locally with Oracle E-Business Suite

    The complexities of the digital age can be overwhelming. A recent survey of finance professionals revealed that close to 70% described the simple act of standardizing operating practices and controls as a “major focus.” Just over half admit to saying the same thing about basic reporting.

    Oracle E-Business Suite gives both decision makers and rank and file workers tools simplify the everyday complexities of business. To help you understand how organizations like yours can take advantage of Oracle we’re inviting you to our webcast.

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  • How to Comply with Mexico Financial Changes

    The Mexican Tax Administration Service (SAT) recently established new Electronic Accounting obligations for all companies, which took effect on July 1st, 2014. But how exactly will these new regulations affect companies operating in the region?

    In order to help organizations like yours develop a strategy to make the necessary ERP Software adjustments to fulfill these requirements, IT Convergence is inviting you to our webcast.

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  • Simplify Multi Channel Integration with SOA 12c

    The advent of Mobile, Cloud and Internet of Things is adding additional complexity to the existing challenges that organizations face as they struggle to align technology, people and processes. Two critical questions must be resolved are: Can your current integration framework support multi-channel demands? Does it guarantee security without compromising customer data?

    Fortunately, Oracle SOA 12c provides a simplified integration solution to these questions. SOA12c is the latest version of the industry's most complete and unified application integration architecture for Cloud and on-premise applications. To help companies leverage SOA 12c to stay ahead of the curve, we invite you to our webcast.

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  • UPK for Higher Education Institutions

    Colleges and Universities can save considerable money, time and resources by making Oracle UPK training content available on a self-service basis. Oracle’s User Productivity Kit provides software tools to record and play back the exact steps users need to successfully use an application. Oracle even offers easily customizable pre-built content to speed up the development process. Empower your faculty, staff and students and ultimately improve end-user adoption!

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