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Past Events

  • UPK for Higher Education Institutions

    Colleges and Universities can save considerable money, time and resources by making Oracle UPK training content available on a self-service basis. Oracle’s User Productivity Kit provides software tools to record and play back the exact steps users need to successfully use an application. Oracle even offers easily customizable pre-built content to speed up the development process. Empower your faculty, staff and students and ultimately improve end-user adoption!

  • Go Tapeless – Make Simple, Easy Backups to the Cloud with ITC BaaS

    Doing backups with tapes is outdated, time consuming, expensive and recoveries are long and unreliable. You must also handle the tapes, whether it means moving them around the server room or trucking them to offsite storage facilities. The tapes themselves can be torn, spindled or mutilated, and must be handled with care and stored in a climate-controlled environment.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if you could simplify backups by eliminating tapes and all of the associated cost and inconvenience? Fortunately, with IT Convergence Next Generation Backup solutions you can! Learn how ITC leverages EMC's Data Domain deduplication technology to eliminate tapes for good.

  • What is Oracle UPK?

    End-user adoption is fundamental to the success of any ERP project. Regardless of whether you use Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, SAP, or Siebel, Oracle UPK is a turn-key solution that unlocks the value of your ERP solution by facilitating standardized documentation, improved business requirement gathering, effective change management, test script generation, interactive eLearning solutions and much more!

  • Extend eCommerce Capabilities with Oracle SOA B2B

    On paper eCommerce is supposed to be quick, convenient and, best of all, cheap. But there’s always a hitch. When a major consumer electronics retailer tried to rev-up on-line sales, it struggled to integrate its ERP system with Amazon Vendor Central and as a consequence found itself paying $70,000 a month in additional charges to process purchase orders. That’s a lot of unnecessary overhead, to say the least. These integration headaches only promise to multiply as tablet and smart phone use promises to triple consumer spending via mobile devices in just three years.

  • The Dollars and Sense of Backup as a Service (BaaS) Avamar & Data Domain ROI/TCO vs. Tape ROI/TCO

    To help companies like yours understand the dollars and sense business case underlying a cloud-based data backup solutions with Avamar and Data Domain, IT Convergence and EMC are inviting you to our webcast: The Dollars and Sense of Backup as a Service (BaaS)
    Avamar & Data Domain ROI/TCO vs. Tape ROI/TCO