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Past Events

  • How to Justify the Business Value of UPK

    We wanted to thank everyone who joined us for our webcast "Justify the Business Value of Oracle UPK." Establishing concrete metrics in the world of ERP technologies and solutions can be an elusive target sometimes. But we hope that during the webcast we were able to show you that Oracle UPK really is one IT investment that pays for itself, and we hope that you have a better understanding of how Oracle UPK can be an asset to organizations like yours.

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  • Oracle R12.2 and You: Experience of a Beta Tester

    The main announcement at Oracle OpenWorld 2013 may just have been the launch of Oracle R12.2. If we listen closely to the buzz Oracle generated around 12.2, we’d say it will revolutionize the way we think about maintenance and management of Oracle EBS. But, what does R12.2 mean to you?

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  • Enterprise Integration with Oracle Service Bus

    We wanted to thank everyone who joined us for our webcast "Oracle Service Bus: Build a Robust Integration Platform with Service Virtualization." The 55 minute event was followed by a lively Q and A session and saw attendance approach 100. We hope you left our webcast with a better understanding of how companies like yours can leverage Oracle Service Bus along with Oracle SOA/BPM Suite to make your integrations more flexible, speedy, and secure.

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  • Improve End-User Adoption with User Productivity Kit (UPK)

    So you’ve just invested a 6 or 7 figure sum in an ERP solution. Now you have make it work. But how? Did you know that according to different studies, the single most important factor driving successful ERP projects is end user adoption? (Neochange). Or that end user adoption is also the greatest post-rollout concern? (TechRepublic). Oracle UPK gives you a dynamic, end-to-end tool that you can use to mitigate risks that lead to poor end-user adoption.

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  • Oracle R12.2 and You – Insight from a Beta Tester

    One of Oracle OpenWorld 2013’s biggest announcements was the Oracle R12.2's long awaited release. With its on-line patching functionality, Oracle R12.2 promises to revolutionize Oracle EBS maintenance and management, but what does it really mean to you? IT Convergence is a former R12.2 Beta Tester, and we’re inviting companies like yours to answer that question at our webcast.

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