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Past Events

  • HPE UD

    Discover Oracle LMS in 1,2,3!

    If you are looking for a complete solution to effectively manage and control Oracle license usage and compliance throughout your organization, you should check out our upcoming webinar on HPE’s Universal Discovery for Oracle License Management. HPE’s tool is one of the only applications verified by Oracle which can provide data to solve all the pain points of IT compliance.

  • Roll Out Oracle in Latin America

    Customer Success: Equifax’s Journey to R12 in Latin America

    In this webinar, Daniel Moffet, VP of Financial Systems and Reporting at Equifax, will share how they rolled out Oracle E-Business Suite R12 in 5 countries in Latin America. What were the key strategies and actions they took? Find out what the results are so far, and the next steps in their journey.

  • China Golden Tax

    Conquering China’s Complexity and Localization with Oracle R12

    Did you know that there is a tax policy change happening soon in China? This, and a few other factors, are some things you need to consider before your rollout. Join our webcast to find out the challenges, like local culture and statutory requirements, and how to overcome them with Oracle EBS R12.

  • Oracle R12.2 Upgrade

    The Road to R12.2: How offshore can be the way to GO

    The road to your R12.2 upgrade may seem challenging, especially looking at factors such as price and quality of service. Offshoring, a cost efficient and high quality solution, takes care of both for you. Join this webinar to find out about the benefits of offshoring and how ITC has successfully done EBS R12.2 upgrades with this model.

  • ¿Cómo simplificar la captura de Folios Fiscales?

    Within the framework of Mexico’s electronic accounting regulations we can find the Folios Fiscales or UUID Codes in the accounts ledger. Many companies struggle to capture the codes without incurring in manual errors. For them and everyone else interested in the topic of simplifying this task, ITC is inviting all Spanish speakers to its webcast: “¿Cómo simplificar la captura de Folios Fiscales?