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Eventos Anteriores

  • UPK para Instituciones de Educación Superior

    Colleges and Universities can save considerable money, time and resources by making Oracle UPK training content available on a self-service basis. Oracle’s User Productivity Kit provides software tools to record and play back the exact steps users need to successfully use an application. Oracle even offers easily customizable pre-built content to speed up the development process. Empower your faculty, staff and students and ultimately improve end-user adoption!

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  • ¿Qué es Oracle UPK?

    ¿No quiere reinventar la rueda cada vez que actualiza o implementas un nuevo software empresarial? ¿Falta de tiempo y dinero infinito? Si aún no conoce acerca de Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK), es hora de aprender. Afortunadamente, tenemos todo cubierto en nuestro próximo webcast. La adopción de los usuarios finales es fundamental para el éxito de cualquier proyecto de ERP. Independientemente de que utilice Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, SAP, o Siebel, Oracle UPK es una solución inmediata que revela el valor de su solución de ERP, facilitando la estandarización de documentos, mejorando la recopilación de requerimientos empresariales, manejando el cambio efectivamente, generando test scripts, proporcionando soluciones de eLearning interactivo y mucho más.

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  • Capacite a Usuarios de JD Edwards con Oracle UPK

    We would like to thank everyone for joining us at our webcast: "Empower JD Edwards Users with Oracle UPK." We'd like to give a special shout out to Oracle's Kathryn Lustenberger and Shannon Fiedler, whose expertise made this webcast a great success. We hope that you enjoyed the presentation, but more importantly, we hope that you now have a better understanding of how companies like yours can leverage Oracle User Productivity Kit to streamline your JD Edwards upgrade or implementation project.

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  • Optimice Testing de su ERP con Oracle UPK

    We want to reach out and thank each and everyone one of you who joined us yesterday for webcast "Streamline Application Projects with Oracle UPK." Webcast turnout was great and I thank all of you for asking so many great questions. As you've probably picked up on, we are an Oracle UPK fanatic because UPK really does add value at every phase of an ERP implementation cycle. And if you'd like to jump on the phone to do a UPK Demo or UPK Health request for one and we will make it happen.

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  • Collaborate 14 Oracle UPK Encore

    Thanks for attending our webcast "Collaborate 14 Oracle UPK Encore." The webcast drew an excellent turnout and enjoyed a lively Q&A session where ITC's Jordan Collard and Oracle's Kathryn Lustenberger shared their UPK knowledge and insight.

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