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Past Events

  • Next Generation Cloud Backup – Everything you need to Know!

    The rapid growth of data we have seen in the last decade is putting a strain on tape-based backups. How can your organization meet the challenge of streamlining your backup processes while keeping your costs under control?
    Understanding EMC’s Avamar and Data Domain technologies is the answer to this question. For this reason, IT Convergence and EMC are inviting you to attend our joint webcast.

  • What’s new in UPK 12.1.2?

    Oracle has recently released a new enablement service pack for UPK 12.1 & Standard & Professional Editions that came with plenty of business valuable features we thought we should share with the UPK community. For those not familiarized yet with Oracle UPK, this would be a great opportunity to review the product capabilities and whether you would like to leverage this tool for your organization’s needs in training, testing, policy documentation and other areas of content development. Join us to discover “What’s new in UPK 12.1.2” and watch live demonstrations of all the added features.

  • Oracle Cloud Webcast

    10 Myths vs. Reality about Oracle Cloud

    The rapid growth and constant innovation of Oracle Cloud is leading to a large amount of uncertainty and certain misbeliefs. Most Oracle users share common doubts on security, while some even wonder if Cloud products are mature enough. Everybody is out to find which options are available to move their applications to the Cloud and what will be the actual cost of that investment.
    It’s time to reveal the truth once and for all. Join Gustavo Gonzalez, CTO and Matthew Conner, VP Solution Sales at IT Convergence, for an hour of thought-provoking webinar and clear all of your doubts.

  • Oracle UPK

    The Bells & Whistles of Oracle UPK

    Oracle’s User Productivity Kit better known as UPK is a content authoring tool that is mainly used for training and documentation purposes, but ever wonder what UPK can do other than recording a process and publishing it in 15 different outputs? Want your published files to have a great look and feel? Wondering how to make the player package more visually appealing?

  • How Change Management & Training can Guarantee You a Successful Project

    Change is an essential element to a company’s growth cycle. Whether is technology system upgrades or large transformational initiatives such as mergers & acquisitions; organizations face risks associated with ROI & end-user adoption every day. IT Convergence sits at the intersection of business and technology and since 1998 has been helping US-based multinational companies undertake large transformational projects at both regional and global scales.