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Past Events

  • Simplify Your Cloud Integration

    Is your company making the move to the Cloud & On-premise hybrid model?  Are you looking to eliminate master data problems, speed up connectivity or replace point-to-point integrations? Increasingly more organizations are adopting best of breed SaaS applications to accommodate new business needs while still maintaining on-premise ERP applications. The “new normal” is the Hybrid environment, where choosing the right integration strategy is both essential and an overwhelming process.

  • Shared Service Center Planning & Global Design

    Service Center models to drive costs out of back office operations, enforce business process standardization and achieve a higher degree of control / visibility into operations.   Since 1998, IT Convergence has helped US-based multinational companies to undertake large transformational projects at both regional (e.g. Latin America or Asia) and global scales.  ITC sits at the intersection of business and technology.

  • 5 Ways to Survive the End of Discoverer #4 Tableau & #5 Qlikview

    Tableau and Qlikview are two BI Tools of the latest generation with a flexibility, intuitive UX and capabilities that make them the best ally for your company’s reporting needs. They stand out from Traditional BI Tools, offering both ad-hoc reporting and BI for your company through a single lightweight and intuitive tool.

  • Why do you need to rethink data conversion to R12?

    One of the crucial success factors of keeping your R12 project on-time and on-budget is how you handle the major process and definition changes if you re-implement or migrate your service lines and business entities into R12 from different legacy system.

    Considering the importance of data conversion, your R12 project can easily become a nightmare if not managed appropriately. According to Bloor Research Study, the success rate for the data migration portion of a project – those that were delivered on-time and on-budget – is ONLY 16%.

  • Simplify Testing with UPK

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Testing is arguably the most important step in the enterprise applications lifecycle. Oracle UPK will help your business by reducing the time and cost of thoroughly testing your applications implementations and upgrades.