3 FAQ about Migrating from Discoverer to OBIEE

With the end of Oracle BI Discoverer upon us, many companies are facing the challenge of finding a BI tool to fill the gap. Some organizations are considering migrating to Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE). In order to help them define their strategy, today we are sharing 3 Frequently Asked Questions on the migration to OBIEE.

Can Discoverer licenses be migrated to OBIEE?

There’s no current roadmap to migrate licenses, so going to OBIEE will require a purchase. For this very reason we recommend looking into different tools to replace Discoverer.

Is it possible to export reports which were created in Discoverer to OBIEE?

Yes, there is a migration tool for migrating reports. It’s not necessary to start the reports from scratch or recreate them, but the automatic migration of the end user layer will cut certain functionalities – which in turn will make a powerful tool such as OBIEE lose part of its added value. We recommend contacting a service provider with ample experience in these types of migrations so that your organization can leverage the tool to its full potential and get a good ROI on the new reporting strategy.

How are Discoverer reports migrated to OBIEE?

There’s a tool Oracle built for migrating reports to OBIEE, it’s called Discoverer Metadata Converter Assistant. Even though there are tools for migrating the end user layer, in some cases work will need to be done on the exports to make the most out of OBIEE. There are a few documents published on this migration, and you can always reach out to IT Convergence for assistance.

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