Maximize Your Software Investment with Ancile uPerform 5.3

Last week we had our webcast: “Get the Most Out of Your Software Investment with Ancile uPerform 5.3.” The Ancile uPerform experts took some questions live from our audience, so today we bring you the transcript of the Q&A session.

Is Ancile uPerform Cloud-based or On-premise?

From a server perspective, where the content is managed and deployed to the end users, that can be done on premise or Cloud-based.

Is there an option for validation? Can you make a mandatory field star to test the skills of users?

Yes, for that we would use the assessment playback, for simulations.

When do teams typically start using Ancile uPerform during an implementation?

It can be done at the very beginning, even at the planning stages of the implementation. If you have an in-house application, you can use Ancile uPerform to fully storyboard it, create the configuration information. Whereas the application changes over time, developers make note in the change logs and that goes to the test information, which creates the test scripts your testers can validate, to exercise data sheets for the rollout andf training phases. Also to the maintence, users get performance support in application. If it’s a non-software related initiative, you can always leverage our e-learning courses.

How can I use Ancile uPerform to help users after a go-live?

After a go-live you can use Ancile uPerform to record agains the application and rapidly create content. You can pass that on to the subject matter experts and task them. Ancile uPerform has project management capabilities, so you can assign tasks to people like “please create this recording against EBS or PeopleSoft”.  All that content can then be published and managed on the server, and you can even set notifications for specific email groups letting them know the new content is available. Another way is that if you’re leveraging a Learning Management System, you can create content and deploy it there.  We also have applications like uAlign, which deploys targeted messaging to your organization through email.

Can the content created through Ancile uPerform be deployed in Sharepoint?

Yes, it can be deployed in SharePoint, but the advantages of using uPerform are multiple. Ancile uPerform gives you a contact management system, so as you are creating and uploading the content, it goes to the server and you have full control over who can and cannot see that content. It also automatically translates the content, a great feature for multinationals. There are many collaboration features you’ll be missing if you use SharePoint to store the content too, such as the “Send Feedback” feature which allows messaging the author or manager of a piece of content directly for questions.

Can the deployed content and the assessments be checked?

The content can be tracked either in the Ancile uPerform server or the Learning Management System.  Via Ancile uPerform, it is tracked automatically via the SCORM process. As an administrator, you also have different types of reports you can run to track dates, users, pass/fail, progress, etc. If you’d rather track it with the Learning Management System, you can do it via SCORM or AICC.

What kind of language support does Ancile uPerform provide?

Ancile uPerform supports 31 different languages, and you can select translate and it automatically translates your content.