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Another Spring, another Collaborate Conference

Another Spring, another Collaborate Conference

Another spring, another Collaborate conference. Collaborate 09 is my third opportunity to present at the conference, so I am still a “newbie.” The opportunity to share what I know with others and the opportunity to learn from some very smart technical presenters are the key reasons why I am glad to be presenting again.

Of course, a couple of days in Orlando, Florida is certainly appealing especially when there is still a little snow on the ground here in the Chicago area!

This year I am giving two presentations:
1. What Can BI Publisher Do For You?
2. Discoverer to OBIEE Migration Steps Made Easy or At Least Less Difficult

During the last several years, I have focused on providing custom reporting solutions to a variety of companies, and this has been the focus of my past presentations at previous Collaborate conferences. Discoverer has been the primary tool used but I also have worked with Oracle Reports and Oracle Daily Business Intelligence. While I enjoy working with Discoverer, I also know it has limitations.

Exploring the Possibilities of BI Publisher

As I started reviewing the capabilities of Oracle BI Publisher, I wanted to know how to take advantage of BI Publishers capabilities to either enhance Discoverer’s functionality and Oracle Report’s functionality or create new reports directly in BI Publisher.

From my perspective, the key to creating a robust reporting environment is to create the views (or Discoverer folders) to access and summarize the data needed by the end users. I see a significant benefit in leveraging existing views and folders with the formatting and distribution functionality of BI Publisher. My presentation on BI Publisher focuses on this strategy but also reviews what it takes to create new reports directly from BI Publisher.

An Oracle Discoverer User Discovers OBIEE

My company has begun implementing Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) and some of Oracle’s Business Intelligence Applications. As I began reviewing OBIEE’s functionality and pre-seeded reports, I was impressed with the quantity and quality of the information provided. My initial thought was that this was a major step in reaching the “holy grail” of having all of the required information easily available to all levels of end users in a company. Much of the Discoverer work I had created was either directly available in OBIEE or could be available with a few simple steps.

However, having created some fairly complex reports with Discoverer, I knew that OBIEE would not provide not every required report in its pre-seeded dashboards and reports. I immediately wanted to know how difficult it would be to use OBIEE to create those complex, company specific reports that were critical to the company’s success. These complex, custom reports always included data from multiple applications, custom fields and/or calculations along with summarization that was unique to a particular company. Finding a standard approach to using OBIEE to create these reports in OBIEE is the focus of my presentation on migrating Discoverer to OBIEE.

I look forward to seeing you at Collaborate 09 in warm and sunny Orlando and hope you can attend my presentations if the topics are of interest to you. In case you are interested, the presentation dates and times are below:

May 6th 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Discoverer to OBIEE Migration Steps Made Easy or At Least Less Difficult

May 7th 8:30 am – 9:30 am
What Can BI Publisher Do For You?

As always, you can stop by booth 4151, and we can chat in person. I look forward to meeting you!
Barry Markovic
Managing Principal Consultant
IT Convergence

Can’t be in Orlando for Collaborate 09? No problem. You can click here to visit our Collaborate 09 page for access to the white papers that our team is presenting and other information relevant to the Collaborate conference. Likewise, the ITC team will be making regular updates to this blog from the Collaborate 09 convention floor.