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Ask Your Oracle Financials Questions

Ask Your Oracle Financials Questions

Oracle Financials is the lifeblood of the Oracle E-Business Suite.”

That’s a cliché gets thrown around a lot both here and parts elsewhere. But sayings become clichés largely because they’re true.

If there’s any one part of an Oracle E-Business Suite implementation or upgrade that you absolutely have to get right on the first time, its Oracle Financials, and over the next few weeks IT Convergence aims to help you do this.

IT Convergence Chief Technology Officer Gustavo Gonzalez recently co-authored the Oracle E-Business Suite Financials Handbook, Third Edition (along with with Ben Prusinski, himself an ITC alum). The book is published by McGraw Hill Oracle Press and clocks in at over 750 pages.

  • But still, there are things that got left on the proverbial “cutting room floor.”

That’s why IT Convergence is inviting Oracle Financials users to submit their questions to the author. Our goal is to develop a number of Oracle Financials FAQ type blog posts that we’ll publish throughout January.

But in order to do that we need YOU. More specifically, we need your questions about Oracle Financials 11.5.10 and Oracle Financials R12 (pssst, as we’re also early adopters of Oracle Fusion Applications, we’ll also entertain the odd question on Oracle Fusion’s Accounting hub.)

I Have Loads of Questions on Oracle Financials, Where Do I Submit Them?

We want to make it as easy, and as convenient as possible for you to submit your questions. That’s why you can:

  • Leave a comment at the end of this blog post with your question
  • Submit your questions via Twitter to @ggonza4itc and/or @it_convergence
  • Diehards are welcome to email questions to

Please note, we’ll do our best answer questions in short form on Twitter. But, as very few issues in the ERP world can be boiled down to 140 characters, we’ll provide full-length answers in our extended Oracle Financials FAQ blog posts.

Publication of our first Oracle Financials FAQ blog post will depend on how soon we can build up a critical mass of questions, but note that you can follow us on Twitter to get regular announcements.

Find Us via Google Month’s After the Fact?

No worries. You can worries, you can simply click here to access everything carrying the Oracle Financials FAQ’s tag.

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