Two Questions on Building Engaging ELearning Content

This week we had our webcast “How to Build Engaging E-Learning Content”, and today we are bringing you the transcript of the QA session that followed the presentation. If you missed the webcast, you can always download the recoding here.

Can you mention the aspects to consider when selecting a content development tool?

Keep in mind that it’s a business decision. The information you want to include is price, highlight the functionalities of the tool (animations, transitions, all you can do with it) so everyone can have a sense of the look and feel of the outcome of the tool. It’s also important to consider possible compatibility issues for the deployment, and also how the content itself can be deployed. Does the tool have an LMS? Or is there a package for the tool plus LMS? Then, consider the complexity of content development, the hours and the skills necessary for creating and editing that content. If the tool supports multi-user environment or not, this will depend on what you are looking for.

Why did you choose these four aspects you mentioned in the presentation as the most important elements for creating eLearning?

We consider these are the foundations of eLearning and how to engage an audience. If you look at them closely, they are the foundation for any training and instructional scenario. You will always need to consider your audience, the tool and how you will present this content, what your method will be to create the content and who will do it.

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