Celebrating a Tradition of Excellence For Cloud Hosting Customers

The Oracle Excellence Awards are Oracle’s Corporation’s way of celebrating the customers and implementers who put their technology to use in incredibly innovative ways – combining their personal skills and the technology products Oracle produces to create revolutionary solutions.

As a firm specializing in Oracle applications for over two decades, IT Convergence is honored to have our own Senior Director of Engineering, Heidi Ratini, recognized as a winner in Leadership in Infrastructure Transformation for the 2018 Oracle Excellence Awards. Read on below to learn in more detail how Heidi and her team were able to build on the existing capabilities of Oracle Linux and VM technologies to bring value not just to IT Convergence, but to our hosted customers as well.

Reducing Cost and Time for Building and Provisioning

At ITC, we utilize Oracle E-Business Suite for the majority of our business functions – taking our own medicine, as we like to say. Under that umbrella, our infrastructure and engineering teams work with other tools like Oracle Apex and Enterprise Manager to support the work we do for our hosting and Managed Services offerings. Heidi and her team are tasked with the important job of ensuring that infrastructure runs smoothly and with high availability.

Beyond that, however, they maintain and nurture initiatives that increase efficiency and extend the capabilities of the infrastructure practice. Heidi’s team used Oracle VM and Linux as a framework to build tools that differentiate our hosting abilities from the industry standards. One such tool, Hydra, automates the building and provisioning process for new environments at an extremely quick pace – taking just minutes to accomplish what would otherwise require hours of manual work to finish. This allows our infrastructure team to deliver new builds to customers at a rapid pace, utilizing Oracle’s technologies as the basis, and our engineers’ expertise to truly embody the idea of Oracle Excellence Awards. As Oracle states:

“With Oracle technology as the backbone, our customers are deploying revolutionary solutions, establishing and refining best practices, and becoming thought leaders in their industries.”

The intellectual property Heidi and her team built does just this, taking the Oracle framework and providing a solution that goes above and beyond a typical infrastructure team.

Combining Oracle Technology with Experienced Engineering

One of the most exciting parts of Heidi’s work with Oracle Linux and Oracle VM technologies was the way Heidi blended her experience with IT Convergence’s private and public hosting infrastructure with her expertise in Oracle’s managed services technologies. Much of the value of the proprietary automation is a direct result of her and her team’s ability to not simply use Linux and VM technology, but leveraging those products in a way that accessed her extensive knowledge of our own infrastructure.

For a more detailed understanding of exactly how Heidi and her team built these DevOps technologies and what they do, take a look at our eBook, Oracle Infrastructure Technologies.

None of this would be possible without the depth of knowledge that the team has gained over years of working with Oracle applications, as well as our own data centers and infrastructure. It’s always rewarding to see those two sides of our company converge in a way that brings new value to our customers.

To find out how we can put this expertise to work for your company, get in touch with one of our team members.