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Video on China GAAP, Tax, and Reporting Differences for Oracle Users

Video on China GAAP, Tax, and Reporting Differences for Oracle Users
Many companies have toyed with the idea of expanding into China to take advantage of the many outsourcing and off shoring opportunities the country offers, as well as getting a market share of one of the largest worldwide economies. However, setting up operations in such a different country can prove to be a task of epic proportions.How can your company’s executives avoid being overwhelmed?

At IT Convergence we know first-hand how complicated this task can be, having successfully opened our own office in China nearly a decade ago. Today, one of our China business specialists brings you this video explaining which main localization requirements your organization should keep in mind when considering doing business in China. Learn about GAAP differences, taxation, reporting and much more:

English Version:

Chinese Version:

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