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Final Thoughts as Collaborate 12 Ends

Final Thoughts as Collaborate 12 Ends
I just finished attending my final session for Collaborate 12 and
learned some additional information about how Web Logic and Enterprise
Manager are used in the Discoverer 11g environment.  I also attended
the session on “Maximizing WebADI: Data Management for Human Resources
presented by Parimal Pardikar.  I wish WebADI had been available on an
Oracle HR – ADP Payroll integration project I worked on several years
ago as it would have reduced the amount of custom coding required and
simplified some of the synchronization processes for the users.

Yesterday, I did attend some sessions that provided good information
about BI Publisher 11g RTF Templates and using Oracle’s Application
Development Framework (ADF).

I also had several in-depth discussions with current and potential
clients about reporting tools and various strategies to improve their
reporting capabilities by optimizing the tools they have or potential
migrations to new tools.  These are always interesting as they provide
opportunities to match potential solutions to actually meet their
requirements.  Usually everyone in the discussion learns something

At this point, I am heading to the airport but the collaboration
(either virtual or in person) will continue.

This is written by Barry Markovic, Speaker at Collaborate 12. He is a Managing Principal Consultant with 30+ years experience in the IT industry including 7+ years Oracle Financials experience.

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