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Collaborate 13 Outttakes LatinOAUG Debrief

Collaborate 13 Outttakes LatinOAUG Debrief
The LatinOAUG held a meeting during Collaborate 13 led by IT Convergence Chief Technology Officer Gustavo Gonzalez, who is a veteran of Oracle ERP implementations in the region. Recently he took time out to talk with us about the meeting, and we’re happy to offer it as part of our “Collaborate 13 Outtakes Series.”

Q. How would you describe the LatinOAUG meeting which was held at Collaborate 13 aka “Snowllaborate 13?”

A. It went pretty well. We had members show up from of organizations planning to expand their Oracle Enterprise solution footprint into Latin America. The users group are a great tool to learn more about the business software and also network with peers that have been through the same challenges. This gives them a chance to team up to anticipate and then resolve issues that might come up.

Q. The motive for holding a LatinOAUG meeting in the heart of North America is obviously to give ERP professionals from multinational companies chance to learn more about what it takes to roll out Oracle in Latin America. You’ve obviously been to meetings like this before and had conversations around this topic many, many times. What stood out in the concerns of those that attended?

A. Well, as I mentioned above, there are many organizations with subsidiaries in Latin America that showed up, but we also had some visitors from end-users in LATAM attend our session who were looking to understand some of the changes Oracle has made and to identify how they can work with the user group to establish another communication channel with Oracle.

Q. Estimates show that around 60% of Oracle E-Business Suite in the United States and Canada customers are still on some version of 11i. Adoption, however even lower yet in Latin America, despite the fact that economic growth in the region has remained strong compared to say, the EU. Why the hesitation to adopt Oracle R12 in Latin America, and do you see the trend changing anytime soon?

A. Yes, the momentum for Oracle R12 is starting to build in LATAM and we know that many organizations are planning upgrades this year. We’re very provde whatever assistance we can via IT Convergence Brazil  and IT Convergence Argentina . Write this down now:  When we get to Oracle OpenWorld Latin America 13 and we ask the question “Who is still on 11i?” the number of hands that go up will decrease dramatically. 

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