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Collaborate 13: Out Takes on the Oracle AMB Builder

Collaborate 13: Out Takes on the Oracle AMB Builder
AMB Builder QuestionsAnne Ristau isn’t simply a woman pioneer in the ERP industry and one of the founders of Collaborate, she’s also an Oracle Financials wiz in her own right.

Anne will be delivering two presentations in Denver at Collaborate 13. One on AP/AR Netting in Oracle R12 and the other on the Oracle Accounting Methods Builder.

Before taking the stage to deliver in “Accounting Methods Builder (AMB) – Beyond the Basics” (Session ID: #11590, 8:00 am Room 501), Anne took time out to answer a few questions about her presentations and how it came about.

Q: In the prologue to your white paper on Oracle R12’s Accounting Methods Builder, you mention that since 1989 you’ve had Multi-Period Accounting requests that allow for one accrual period and recognize the expenditure in subsequent periods. It sounds like there’ve got to be more than a couple of interesting back stories there. Can you share at least one?

A: As an instructor this is a common question asked, because all the AP and GL folks know you receive an invoice for Insurance for a 6 month period…but in Oracle you need to enter the invoice for payment in month one.   Then immediately log into the GL and move 5/6th of the amount into an accrual.   Then for the next five months move 1/6th out of the accrual and into the expense…that is a lot of typing for a silly little $225 car insurance payment, not to mention and administrative headache if you forget to do it!

Q: The Oracle AMB  a huge part of what the Oracle Financials R12’s Subledger Accounting functionality suite brings to the table. Compared to other R12 Subledger Accounting functionalities, how challenging is the AMB to set up and maintain?

A: You’re right, the AMB is the muscle of  subLedger accounting.  Without it, ther e can be no accounting created.   Now, how challenging…I think you need a strong accountant who understands what needs to be done and how to create the accounting manually.  You also need to team that has a developer on it and that developer needs to understands the database structure and how to write PL/SQL to make it happen.  The truth is AMB has so much power behind it, we still don’t even know all it can do.

Q: If you had a one-on-one with Larry Ellison and he asked you how the Oracle Accounting Methods Builder could be made better, what would you tell him?

A: Well Larry never calls, I don’t understand why because you know I am so perfect that all the Oracle issues would go away with my opinion! 😉   Seriously, I would like a drag and drop option that makes rebuilding after the copy to take less time.   I would also ask Larry to give us an audit history to show what changed and when…that is a biggy for me is the audit!

Don’t Miss “Accounting Methods Builder (AMB) – Beyond the Basics”

Anne will be hosting  “Accounting Methods Builder (AMB) – Beyond the Basics” (Session ID: #11590) at Collaborate 13 in Denver in room 501 at 8:00 am. If you can’t make it to that session be sure and stop by booth #1423 to meet with Anne in person, and if you weren’t lucky enough to make it to Collaborate 13 in Denver, then just go to our Collaborate 13 Resources  page to download a copy the presentation and white paper.

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