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“Outtakes” from Collaborate 13: Business benefits of Using Oracle BI Suite Enhancements

“Outtakes” from Collaborate 13: Business benefits of Using Oracle BI Suite Enhancements
An earlier “Collaborate 13 Outttake ” took a look at the technical details of Big Data solutions with Hadoop. This post explains how the enhancements offered on the latest release of Oracle BI Suite will benefit end users and business owners.  All too often relevant data remains untouched and unused because of the lack of comfort with existing BI systems in the market.

It seems that every other year we hear about a product release that will reinvent the way companies search for and organize the data that resides in their ERP systems.  In the latest release of Oracle BI Suite Oracle has placed a premium on user experience.  Better compatibility with the most popular presentation and office tools allows users to not only access the data they need, but to organize and present it more easily than ever before.   

1.    Improving User experience and Presentation for better usability :

  • View suggestion feature will help users to align better to the presentation format, suitability expected by business managers saving precious time and money.
  • Another important aspect of user experience is flow and sequence of information while working on systems. With a breadcrumb feature, it eases out the job of memorizing each and every single step followed before reaching the current user interface.
  • Restricting user’s action to relevant data and privileges he has is important to avoid unnecessary exposure of information.
  • Ability to filter data views to focus on important dataset
  • Ability to integrate multimedia content.

2.    Better Business Insight :

Enhancement helps to connect different systems using connectors for Hadoop, Endeca, Essbase, Oracle R, Smart View  results in better integrated analytical capabilities resulting in better business insight, focus on missed/new areas for business growth and alignment.

3.    Better Productivity :

  • Better development productivity is offered by using Model Checker to validate metadata repository issues and correcting them in time.
  • Exporting dashboard and reports data to office tools specific format to provide information quickly in needed format
Conclusion:  Enhanced User Experience has Potential to Empower

With the combinations of distinctive features listed above, business managers are enabled with the right set of information in time to take better decisions.

Obviously, BI tools are only as good as the end users who use them to pull and present data in a way that will allow an organization to make proactive vs. reactive decisions.  But, by focusing on user experience in its latest release Oracle, hopes to make an already powerful suite of tools more relevant at every level of the organization.