Demystifying Software Testing Myths

Software testing is as important as software  development. Maintaining product quality requires constant testing and top notch quality measures. All of us know that a bug can not only cost millions of dollars, but also loss of reputation and any written program or software is bound to contain a few errors.

This is where proper planning and testing come into play – by helping us identify the root cause of the error to prevent it, finding defects before the system gets to production and providing us with process and control procedures. However, the first thought that many individuals and organizations have about testing are:

  • Testing is time-consuming
  • Testing is complex
  • Testing is nice to have, but not necessary

What does this lead to? 

Very often, organizations abstain from testing or introduce it very late in the software development lifecycle. The result? Upgrades become “very expensive”, a patch application leads to unanticipated impact and Go Live dates get extended! Ever wonder why? We think there are many myths around testing which need to be busted! Let’s get started and demystify the top 5 Software Testing Myths!
 Software Testing
 Software Testing is the ally that not only saves time and increases software quality, but also utilizes manpower more effectively. Better to invest in testing now than pay more for correction later.

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