Discover Oracle UPK’s Bells & Whistles – Q&A From Our Audience

Yesterday we had our webcast: “The Bells and Whistles of Oracle UPK”, which was a complete success. With packed attendance, our UPK consultant Thiago Monteiro took a few questions live from the audience and, in record time, got back to us with those left unanswered so we could publish the transcript here. In case you missed our first Oracle UPK webinar of the year, you can always download the recording here.

How do we pull “Know it” reporting? Is there a way to track the users, which assessments they took which quizzes they viewed? The scores each user received? 
The reports can be found in the Reports page of the Knowledge Center. The user can generate a report called Know It Results, which will show the Know It results for a desired path. For other report option, such as time the user spent on each one, assessment scores, date of access, number of attempts can be found in the report called User Progress.

Not really sure what the purpose is for modifying testing templates and through coding?
The purpose is to adapt the test document (script) to what the company needs to test. The UPK generates the testing parameters by default but it can happen that the tested software has fields that are not listed in the file published from the UPK. When you customize the test document once, that can be used for all tests, without need to edit it manually later. This can be modified later to adapt to other testing projects.

When you publish UPK to be used in LMS, is there a way to allow the training to be recorded automatically upon completion?
No, it doesn’t. The user must launch it manually by previewing the topic from the outline or publishing to the local drive or Knowledge Center in order to see the results of the recordings.

I would like to know how to monitor user’s activate and participation in UPK when they are hired. Is tracking time possible, and how?
In the Reports page of the Knowledge Center, the manager can check the reports that show usage in diverse manners, one of the ways is using the User Progress Report, which has all the details of usage of all the material divided by user, time spent, date, number of attempts.

How do I publish the UPK player link to an internal SharePoint team site?
To have the UPK topic displayed in a shared content platform, such as SharePoint, you must select the publishing location (first step of the publishing wizard) to a folder that is mapped into the SharePoint.

What coding language is used to be able to create an automated test for example creating all the steps to create a PeopleSoft purchase order?
The UPK works with CSS, HTML and Java codes. They must be in synchrony in between them so the UPK can generate the output.

Is there a way to create a template of UPK with Start Page (default) and End Page (default) which can be applied for all materials that can be published?
It’s not possible because both, first and last frame, are generated by the recorder. The first frame is the first screen you record and the last frame will be the last recording you do right before pressing Finish in the recorder. To have a different first and last frame, the developer must change it manually by editing the screenshot.

Is there a way to change the company logo from Oracle to my company logo from the front end?
When you navigate to Tools>Customize Logo and change the logo from there, that will apply to all outputs from that moment on, not being needed to change every time you publish something.

Great, what about the color?
The color is the same, as showed in the demo, if you change the player system file, which will apply to everything published as Player LMS from the UPK once for all.

Which can be done from the front end as well?
From the system files.

Do you know if there is a new version of UPK coming out any time soon?
Oracle has just released the newest ESP v2 in Open World last October, and we will be having a webcast about this next month, if you wish to register or have a conversation with us immediately, do let us know and we will reach out to you.

Can we get all these presented from a UPK single developer license?
The UPK has two instances, the Single User and the Multi User, to run it in a team level, all the users must have one individual license, it cannot be one license per team.

How do you publish documents in pdf or word?
When in the Publish Wizard, before clicking to publish, the user can change the output format depending on which output was chosen (user manual, job aid, etc) in the options displayed when the checkbox of the format is marked.

Which file format can I use to embed the video to the UPK topic?
The video can be in any format, since this format is supported by the browser. The most common format, such as mp4, avi, mpeg are all supported by the main browsers in the market.

What happens if I change the player skin and something goes wrong in the publishing process and I don’t get a final player as I want?
It’s recommended that before change any system file, the user create a backup of that file, so if something goes wrong, it’s easy to recover to the previous state. If the backup is not done and the system file is crashed in a serious way, the UPK might need to be re-installed.

Does the Test It mode tracking work in any LMS system?
No, it doesn’t. Since this was created particularly by Oracle, only the Knowledge Center is prepared to read this Test It mode and generate the report the way it does.

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