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End-user Training that’s worth it: Oracle Applications Workshops

End-user Training that’s worth it: Oracle Applications Workshops

Application upgrades or new implementations are essential to keeping current in today’s fast-paced business climate. Technology is changing as rapidly as the markets it serves, and companies risk losing their competitive advantage if they do not adapt swiftly enough.

However, although Oracle ERP software is constantly advancing in capabilities and functionalities, any gains the software can deliver may be stymied if the employees that will work within those systems need a learning curve to adapt to new interfaces or processes.
In other words, the potential gains that can be realized once new software goes into production may not be realized for a long time or even get lost completely, when the end-user workforce is unprepared for the change.

The solution? End-user Training. Additional training with the specific focus to get end-users that are directly affected by software changes – such as account managers, customer service reps, or data-entry personnel – up to speed with the new applications and/or features.

Why? Research* has shown that end-user training is critical to the ongoing success of Oracle environments, as well as the respective business in general, especially since environments change at a highly accelerated pace. In a recent study on End-user Training, 60% of the respondents agreed that providing end-user training for an upgrade or new implementation provides notable productivity benefits. Benefits cited include reduced help desk calls and increased employee output.

What? IT Convergence has teamed up with the OAUG to offer Oracle Administrators and End-users just the training they need, in the form of Oracle Applications Workshops. The workshops are especially designed for teaching and updating attendees’ skills on Oracle solutions from a business perspective and given by trained Oracle professionals with many years of experience in the field.

Now I can already hear you thinking about the costs of such training… More than half of the companies claim the budget for post-implementation training on their most recent upgrade or implementation was either non-existent or equivalent to less than one percent of the total project cost. In fact, training (cost) issues – and related to that end-user productivity – turns out to be such a significant issue that it led one out of seven companies to cancel a large project.

Are you one of those companies with a limited training budget available? There is no more need to worry. Even this most common obstacle for companies to obtain the necessary training – the lack of training resources available – can now be easily overcome. ITC is proud to announce that our Oracle Application Workshops are not only of high quality, but also offered at an extremely competitive price.

Avoid letting a new solution lag behind expectations due to a lack of training. Instead, make sure to become one of those companies increasing end-user productivity while simultaneously cutting end-user adaptation time & costs to a minimum. Check out our website today!

Workshops are offered on a wide range of topics for different modules – HR, Financials, OBIEE – in the Oracle E-Business Suite. Reviewing the brochure will help determine if our programs would be suitable to match your current business needs.

Interested which interesting workshops OAUG and ITC are hosting? Or when? Or where? Please click here for more information about and/or registration for our Oracle Application Workshops, or call us on 1800-675-0032 ext. 2804.

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* McKendrick, Joseph (2008). “End-User Training: The Path to Productivity in Times of Change”. Research initiative by OAUG; produced by Unisphere Research.