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Fusion Applications at IT Convergence – First impressions

Fusion Applications at IT Convergence – First impressions
As you know, the installation of Fusion Applications has taken several weeks of hard work while going back and forth with Oracle Support. The installation of Fusion Apps is a great milestone for the internal implementation since it allows us to start setting up what we call a “Proof of Concept”.

Taking our own medicine is a great exercise for our teams (Professional Services; Enterprise Cloud and Managed Services; Development & Education), since we can perform the initial investment internally with the commitment of the ITC board of directors on getting the learning experience with the appropriate investment that we can later transfer to our customers.

It is a great differentiator from our competitors because it puts us in a position that allows IT Convergence to learn and progress jointly with Oracle Corporation on this new products before the Oracle ecosystem becomes popular on these tools.

I’d like to share my first impressions of Fusion Applications, looking at it as an E-Business Suite implementer.

The first difference was the Navigation, and it was a big change since we’re leaving behind the old Navigator in their different formats into a single navigation based on roles.

“Roles” is a new key word within Fusion Applications because of security and how you add what we once called responsibilities are now named “Roles” and based on the assignment, will allow the user to navigate and perform operations within Fusion Apps.

In the application, once you get familiar on the navigation something that has changed is how you perform transactions. The most typical screen from E-Business Suite is the Journal Entry screen.

Yes, I know that all the users love the Forms because of speed but let me tell you that using Fusion Apps is easy and fast. Everything is on a single screen with the ability to have on-line validation and a quick list of values with different filter capabilities.

The other new concept is the tabbed navigation. You will see different tabs for every screen that you open, which mimics Firefox, Safari and Chrome tabbed navigation, right?…

Fusion Apps has decreased the number of clicks, and the “search capability”is great. This is not new, in the past we needed portals such as AOL or Yahoo (more the EBS way), and nowadays we just “google it”. That is Fusion Apps, a Web 2.0 experience for business software.

Stay tuned for more information on the progress of the Oracle Fusion Applications implementation.

Thanks for your support!