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Fusion Applications in IT Convergence – Update 9th July ’12

Fusion Applications in IT Convergence – Update 9th July ’12
We’re making constant progress on our Fusion Applications implementation. In our Fusion Financials BRZ/US track, the project team will be doing a pilot next week for the ITC executives, where some people from Oracle will also be participating. It will consist of:

  • Open GL July Period
  • Creation of journal entries in Fusion Apps (FApps)
  • Checking the balances in FApps
  • How to correct a balance from #1
  • How to post it in FApps
  • How to report to corporate in FApps

The Human Capital Management team has started their training phase and will start working on the requirements gathering.

The technical track is also having developments. We’re doing an installation of Fusion Applications in the cloud (Amazon EC2) and another team is working on a sandbox environment which will allows us to test instances.

Also the technical team of our “Enterprise Cloud” department is evaluating alternatives for a state-of-the-art hardware configuration for our production installation.

Wouldn’t it be nice to report your GL data in a Business Intelligence real-time? Fusion Applications make it possible.

Ok, let’s look at how to create a simple real-time report in Fusion Apps. You’ll get started by selecting the subject area. Yes, this sounds familiar from Discoverer or OBIEE.

Then, create the report by a simple wizard and choose the columns that you want to include in your report.

Yes, you can also include dashboards and tables. If you worked on OBIEE before, this is not new but coming from standard reports in E-Business Suite this is a huge step forward.

There are repositories to store the reports (should we still be calling them “reports”?) and you can run them with just a simple click!

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