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Fusion Applications @ IT Convergence

Fusion Applications @ IT Convergence
Continuing with the updates on the Fusion Applications implementation, we’d like to thank you all for the great feedback and support, and to all the many resources within the organization that volunteered to be part of this implementation. We’re in the process of evaluating the scope of the initiative and planning the composition of the project team.

We’re happy to announce that we released a blog with all the news and information about this implementation. You can find all the communication and different aspects of our first impressions of Fusion Applications @ ITC below:

IT Convergence Fusion Posts

As I mentioned before, we’re currently defining the scope of the goals of the internal implementation:

  Fast time to market

  • We want to promote our adoption as an example that Fusion is happening now
  • We want to have multiple teams from our organization learning the new “lingo” of a brand new ERP solution

  We don’t take too much risk in our business operations in the implementation

  • Creating multiple phases in order to minimize the risk of the change
  • Creating pilot departments without increasing workload (logging into multiple systems, etc.)

  Adopt (and test) a Co-Existence Strategy

  • This is the key to expanding our target market to companies outside the E-Business Suite Ecosystem
  • Add Oracle Fusion products to our existing E-Business Suite implementation (R12)
  • Test the adoption as an strategy to share with clients

  Understand and document the architecture to share in Webinars & Public Classes

  Use internal resources to gain knowledge and leverage for clients

Why is Fusion Applications so different? What makes Oracle Fusion Applications unique from the other ERPs in the market? 

Oracle Fusion Applications is the only ERP solution on the market that can be deployed on multiple options, leaving behind the “on-premise” only installation type of deployment.

Of course, it can be deployed “On-Premise” and that is what IT Convergence will be performing on some DELL Blade Servers located in our data center, but it can also be implemented over the public cloud. This gives us the ability to use a premier ERP without having to invest capital on servers. This is another area where IT Convergence and their Hosting and Managed Services department can take advantage of this new technology to deliver cloud based solutions for companies willing to adopt Fusion Applications.

The other option could be on a private cloud or a hybrid approach where you’ll use some product families from Fusion on-premise and some in the cloud. If you’re interested in learning more about cloud concepts here is the Key Note from Oracle Open World 2010 talking about “cloud in a box”.

Stay tuned for more information on the progress of the Oracle Fusion Applications implementation. Thanks for your support!

– Gustavo González