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Collaborate 08: Get Ready for Oracle R12!

Collaborate 08: Get Ready for Oracle R12!

R12 is here! Judging by the focus of the educational breakout sessions, the focus at Collaborate this year is on Oracle Release 12 – What it can do for you, How to upgrade, what is the future roadmap etc.

I attended a session on Future Directions and Roadmap for Oracle HCM (Human Capital Management) in R12. It is definitely impressive and offers a host of new functionality least of which is the pleasing screens and user interface.

Folks, like me, who are interested in Global HCM implementations will be happy to know that Oracle has finally delivered functionality to enable movement of employees across business groups without having to terminate the re-hire them. The concept of Host Business Group / Home Business Group will be much appreciated by HCM specialists.

The other focus this year in the HCM space seems to be iRecruitment. Sure, it seems a little “buggy” and not without its share of implementation issues, but that does not seem to be holding back the number of participants interested in giving it a go.

If the attendance at a breakout session is any indication of market demand, then I would imagine that there is a whole market out there craving for Oracle AME (Approvals Management Engine). The Equinix session co-presented by IT Convergence’s own Carin Chase’s on AME-based approvals was packed with many participants standing throughout the session. The questions were insightful, and the combo of a client organization and a service provider jointly endorsing the features was important to the participants.

Rounding out the opening day was the keynote address by Charles Phillips, President of Oracle Corporation. Tuesday’s opening keynote address was by Microsoft. Both the speakers highlighted the power of the internet and the demand of the business user to have more information pushed to their desktop based on their own personal needs. So adding to the often used, Task List, Appointments, Notes, Email, Business Intelligence dashboards, is communities, blogs, RSS feeds, Wikis etc. I personally wonder what that will do to our display screen sizes if there is so much information that is being pushed to the desktop. Maybe all those Plasmas, LCDs and TV screens under 50″ will now move to our office workspaces.

Till then, from my tiny 14″ laptop screen, Au Revoir!! – Subash Sitaraman