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Get What You Want with Oracle AME

Get What You Want with Oracle AME

Can you roll out Oracle iProcurement with zero workflow customizations, even if you have a very complicated approval process? Does Oracle AME really support a solution like this, and if so what challenges will I encounter in attempting to deploy such a solution?

If you’ve found yourself answering these questions for your boss or other executives then my white paper “Get What You Want: Designing Oracle AME (Approvals Management Engine) Rules For Your iProcurement Approvals” is for you.

I delivered this white paper at Collaborate 08 to provide Oracle iProcurement users and business analysts with a guide to the necessary prerequisites for designing Oracle AME. In my presentation and in this paper, I draw on practical business scenarios, elaborate on the specific setup steps that need to be performed for each of the modules, and I provide a step-by-step solution for configuration alternatives and rules in AME. (To see a summary of my Collaborate 08 presentation, click here.)

Any effective iProcurement solution’s goal should be to simplify the way the requisition approvals are addressed. With the increasing number of iProcurement implementations, AME is being used more widely to do just that, so this white paper should come in handy to any one who needs to simplify their requisitions approvals processes.

To learn more about my AME solution, you can download the white paper from the IT Convergence website, or you can leave a comment and I will be happy to respond to your questions.
– Harsha Limaye