Getting to work Enterprise Command Center (ECC) for E-Business Suite 12.2

A few days ago, we received good news from the Oracle E-Business Suite team, announcing the availability of Enterprise Command Centers for EBS, also known as ECC for short among a series of innovations including the new release 12.2.8.

I was interested in this new product since the first time that I heard about it at the Muhannad Obeidat’s presentation back at Collaborate 2018. I had quite some experience implementing Endeca Extensions for EBS (also called Information Discovery for EBS) which was somehow expensive and in certain customers fairly complex to make it work.

After multiple conversations about the product with MuhannadJeanne Lowell, and Nadia Bendjedou, I was impressed with the vision, the changes in the technology compared to Endeca and I was even more shocked hearing that they will be “unlocking the value of enterprise data” without any licensing costs. Yes, it is a product that will be free for E-Business Suite customers running release 12.2.4 and above.

On September 28th, the Oracle Enterprise Command Center Framework Release 12.2 V1 Quick Install for Linux x86-64 was made generally available on My Oracle Support as Patch 28574967. A detailed instruction document for installing the Oracle Enterprise Command Center Framework was uploaded into MOS in Doc ID 2409163.1.

Why Another Reporting Tool?

In an informal conversation with our head of finance, I mentioned the possible announcement of this product a few weeks before GA, and his first reaction was asking: “Why another reporting tool?”. It is an awful truth that IT departments over the last few years have explored many reporting tools on different technologies and we’re still doing it. But this is different, the vision of ECC is to add visibility and optimize the work of E-Business Suite users by enhancing the way they work and accelerating their day-to-day activities.


I would think of ECC as a starting dashboard with the right information to take action and go straight to the documents or transactions. The rich graph and easy use of refinements -filters, and a powerful search.

Get an in-depth look and learn how to configure the tool in our Ebook “Getting to work Enterprise Command Center (ECC) for E-Business Suite 12.2”.


If you still have questions don’t miss our session [PRO4227] Empowering the Oracle E-Business Suite User Experience: Technical Details/Implementation at Oracle OpenWorld 2018 (Thursday, Oct 25, 12:00 p.m. – 12:45 p.m. – Moscone South – Room 104).