Go Mobile with Oracle EBS Webcast Q&A Session

Last week we had our very successful webcast:

“Go Mobile with E-Business Suite: Improve Productivity through User Experience”.

As usual, we are happy to provide you with the transcript of the Q&A session that followed the presentation.Is Mobile available with R12.1.3 or only starting R12.2 or only starting Fusion?  Also, do you mean OAF or ADF when you state “Oracle Application Framework”?

Oracle E-Business Suite Mobile applications are available for Release 12.1.3 and Release 12.2.3+. Oracle has made a big effort in order to have the native mobile applications in a release that is not the latest one -case of 12.1.3.  I meant Oracle Application Framework by OAF. The ADF is the Application Development Framework.

So, when we move our applications from 12.1.3 to 12.2.4 do we have to redesign our application to look mobile/tablet friendly or will 12.2.4 take care of that for us?

The application will change automatically for you. Depending on your environment, if you have any custom HTML pages (built on OAF) you will have to remediate them in order to add the new functionality available. Mobile is certified for 12.1.3 for Safari, so it should be working correctly, however, we have shown that 12.2.4 comes with many new features.

Isn’t Fusion the next release of Oracle?

When six or seven years ago Oracle created a new team with some resources from the multiple products they have (EBS, PeopleSoft, JDE, etc.) to build Fusion Applications, the first questions that popped up were related to whether there was going to be a migration path from E-Business Suite (and each and every Application’s Unlimited) to Fusion or not. Over the years, that question has been answered by the investment that Oracle has made to each product line and by making new releases generally available on each of the Application’s Unlimited. In particular, Oracle E-Business Suite has shown a full set of new features and there’s a strong commitment to continue investing growing the product.

Because Oracle EBS has been on the market for many years, it created a full set of multiple modules and large global footprints with some of the biggest organizations worldwide, so we don’t see Fusion/ Cloud Applications taking over in the short term, simply because there are some product families within Cloud Applications that aren’t there yet. So the solution to get some of the greatest from Cloud Apps is to coexist with your Application’s Unlimited out of the box with support from Oracle.

Does 12.2.4 do away with Java? If not, how do Java forms load?

The change is the WebLogic server that was introduced in R12.2. Java will continue to be there, so forms will still be there with E-Business Suite.

Are screen shots from 12.2.4?

Yes, in the webcast we’ve shown some screenshots of 12.2.4 and we’ll be happy to have a live demo of Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2.4 on the module or application of your choice so you can start building your plan for the upgrade.

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