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“Have Your Cake and Eat It Too – Upgrade to Oracle R12 and Get the New Features Now” Webcast Questions

“Have Your Cake and Eat It Too – Upgrade to Oracle R12 and Get the New Features Now” Webcast Questions

If you didn’t get a chance to tune in to IT Convergence’s latest webcast on simultaneously upgrading to R12 with a concurrent deployment of R12’s new features including insights into SLA, MOAC and more. There were also some pointers on how a ROI in your R12 investment. For this reason, IT Convergence would like to share with its listeners and readers some of the questions from the webcast to help address the most common of R12 questions.

Included below is the transcript of the questions:

What were the tools you referred to that had metadata prebuilt for upgrades to help with identifying changes that will affect reporting?

There are several tools that you can use. NoetixViews® from Noetix. This is a product that has a too that creates a layer of views based on 11i or R12 and pulls the information from your setups. It will adjust the logic of the views based on the release you’ve got and but it will not change the colum of the views. This will allow you to have a hassle free upgrade because you will be able to use your existing reports pointing to the views.

You can also integrate this software now into your 11i and when you upgrade to R12, you will run the metabuilder script to pull the changes of R12 to continue using it and its views into your new R12 environment.
Another product which offers the same technology with some changes on the user interface is Eis Technology which a product called Eis Express Reporting ®.

What options are there to deal with the lack of Oracle knowledge in processes, documentation, and internal business users?

One of the options is the application workshops, which I teach. It is helpful because of the instructors’ experience and the possibility to network with others; as well as IT directors which are in the same boat as you. From the instructors you will get the knowledge and a better idea of how IT has to work during an upgrade. As far as a specific upgrade, there are specific workshops to help with a each topic.
Oracle Support is another great source of information with the Information Center for R12.1 (Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1 Information Center [ID 806593.1])

Did you make any changes to your chart of accounts when you upgraded to R12?

In our particular case, it was not necessary to make changes to our chart of accounts. But if you have a specific need to do so, then you will have an opportunity of applying that change as part of the upgrade.
In the past, that type of modification required a re-implementation but today it’s not the case—you can leverage some existing tools in the market to change the chart of accounts without having to re-implement. But think of doing it as a phase zero prior to the upgrade, which would be my recommendation.

What is the patch number of the patch you mentioned earlier, the one that shows the table changes between the columns the current release and the R12 release we are implementing?

The patch’s number is 1290886.1 It is a patch that you can apply in 11i and you can choose which version of R12 you will be implementing and it will show you how the columns and tables will change on all the objects.

Approximately how many team members (IT & Business) were involved in the 6 month upgrade from 11i to R12 for IT Convergence?

One thing that is very important to remember is that each and every R12 implementation is unique. Even having 12 years of experience, I’ve never seen two alike. There were 12 team members from IT and 12 plus business members. We divided the team into multiple tracks which made a huge difference in order to have better communication and project status.