How Can Consulting Companies Help Your Oracle Rollout?

Success in the
global economy depends both on capitalizing on the advantages presented by the
global marketplace and managing its overwhelming competitive pressure.
Enterprise technologies like Oracle play a critical role in any globalization
strategy, but Oracle alone will not provide a sufficient globalization

success factors

for Oracle global rollout projects include:


  • Standardized
    business flows
  • Comprehensive
    communication plans
  • Time
    zone conflicts
  • Work
    discussions within global teams


It is
recommended to have a phased implementation where the company allows the new
system to stabilize, implements systematical training plans to educate users on
the new system and caters to any issues regarding localization and statutory
Option 1: Go Solo
Some companies
choose to deploy global ERP systems by themselves. For this strategy to work,
you will need a group of seasoned internal consultants to develop the roadmap
for a swift rollout, to improve the relevant customizations and support the
implemented solution.
However, organizations
often find that hiring a group of experienced consultants is a very expensive
decision. It’s all good with the hours billed to the project itself, which were
in the budget plan, but what happens when bills start to pile up in the post
go-live? Unfortunately no project is safe from post-implementation issues, which
will need basic support and maintenance. Another downside of this approach is
that internal consultants cannot ensure 24-hour support, yet critical issues know
no business hours. Not addressing issues on time will have a significant impact
on your business operations.
Option 2: Get the Experts
The other
choice is to hire an IT consulting company to provide the service for you. These
organizations have plenty of experienced consultants who have not only the
technical expertise but also the business orientation and teamwork skills. One
of the main benefits of this approach is that after the project go-live the
consulting company will also provide the 24/7 support your business needs.
Most professional
IT consulting companies will structure a global implementation by defining your
objectives and getting the right resources to meet those business requirements
without negatively impacting your data or overrunning costs. Well-run
implementations take all of these factors into consideration at the earliest
planning stages to make sure the success of a cost-effective and time-saving
Conlcusion? Embarking
upon an ERP rollout can be a daunting task, but you can surf through it with
the right skills and resources. It’s always a good idea to review the costs and
project plans accurately and make an informed decision on what’s best for your
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