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India (Still) Never Sleeps

India (Still) Never Sleeps
During the past 15 years, India has grown one of the world’s largest and most promising economies. India’s forms a key part of the BRICS group , which is forecasted to overtake the G7 by 2027. India has become a symbol of the future of the global economy.

The country’s firm focus on education, its time-zone difference with Europe and the US, along with its long-term fiscal benefit plan to attract foreign investment have helped create a new and powerful economic model, making India the cradle of business process outsourcing.

IT Convergence was quick to recognize India’s value, and in 2011 decided to expand its operations by opening two new offices in Hyderabad, which form an important part of our Development, Testing, and Managed Services  solution delivery frame work. Watch the video and discover what this great country and its people have accomplished while you were sleeping:

Have You Responded to the Wake Up Call?

Since we did first our promotional blog entry for this video  in December 2010, viewership of this video has increased by 240%.

The question is what are you waiting for?

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