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How to Justify the Business Value of UPK: Q and A

How to Justify the Business Value of UPK: Q and A
Last Thursday we carried out the final webcast of the 2013 UPK webcast season, and living up to its predecessors, “How to Justify the Business Value of UPK” was a compete success. Today we are bringing you the transcript of its QA session:

Q: When you mentioned the recording, did that include the recording and editing, all done in 14 min?

Yes, for the test script creation, since it was the raw test script, they did the recording and any editing that was necessary – any red boxes or objects that weren’t recognized. Basically that was the recording, editing, publishing and uploading in the HP quality center.

Q: As far as tracking, can you only track hits/statistics using the “Do It” mode? 

No. There’s two ways in which you can track UPK. One, it does have a SCORM output, so if you have a Learning Management System that you already use in your organization, that will be your centralized university, that’s where you’ll get audits and where you have to stay compliant. You can actually publish UPK content to a LMS.

Another way in which you can track usage is the UPK Knowledge Center, which is a separate database install that is available from UPK 11.0 upwards. It’s like a light LMS, a self-service learning environment. There, users will find all contents associated with their job roles, and it also tracks the use and results.

So there’s two or three ways in which you can do this, depending on your organization’s goals and what you are trying to accomplish.

Q:  Is it recommended to create a special team to build/maintain UPK documentation?

It depends. In my experience, I haven’t seen many large groups dedicated to maintaining the UPK content. The best way I’ve seen is: someone owns the product in the organization.

With large projects, most people don’t have the internal bandwidth to create the necessary content. So while there may be dedicated teams or functional owners responsible for UPK during the heat of the project, there’s typically collaboration with a partner like ITC to develop the content – because that’s not their only job role.

Once the content has been created and the project is more stable, the teams are slimmed down to one or two people for maintenance, but one person should own the product.

As a final note, we would like to thank everyone for attending our UPK webcasts and hope that you all walked away with a better understanding of how Oracle UPK can transform your business. Next year we will be offering more insightful webcasts. Stay tuned for more info!

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