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Learning BI Magic with OBIEE Admin

Learning BI Magic with OBIEE Admin

I flew in to NYC from Chicago to teach a 4 day – OBIEE for Administrators Workshop as part of the OAUG-ITC Oracle Applications Workshops. It was a rainy evening after a 3 hr wait on runway because LaGuardia locked out the airport from landing planes. But the next morning, I had an incredible class of 6 students who were End Users, Developers – Consultants, and Technical Leads, all excited to learn about working with OBIEE.

The Buzz about BI

What’s all this talk about OBIEE? What makes it so distinguished among other BI solutions and tools? If it is all it promises to be, is it easy to learn?

I started going over the features that make OBIEE outstanding like its multi- dimensional analysis capability reading from multiple heterogeneous data sources, and how OBIEE overcomes the common BI challenges. We have seen the advantages of the buy vs building BI Applications, then we went over the architecture and components of the BI Suite. After the break we saw how to work with Dashboards, Reports, Views, Parameters, formatting, security, administration, etc. We reviewed case-studies, practical labs, and after the class, I talked to one of the students, a tech Lead who had a team of developers but had some implementation problems at his company. After the classes I sat with him advising resolutions for the problems.

Over the next 2 days, we went over the basics as well as advanced features of OBIEE Metadata Manager:

  • From importing tables to building logical design,
  • hierarchies,
  • measures,
  • trend analysis,
  • aggregates,
  • fragmentation,
  • Caching mechanism,
  • Security ,
  • iBots,
  • MS Office plug just to name a few.

Each student got one-on-one attention during the labs and got their questions answered. They also installed BI platform on their personal laptops. I provided them my whitepapers on Writeback – writing back to your database from OBIEE reports, setting up row-level security, configuring scheduler and many more.

It was at this point that I realized my new passion for teaching. I loved it so much! After completing the course material, the students were delighted to see a demonstration on the BI Applications, ETL – Informatica, DAC, tips and tricks that books don’t tell you.

I had a great time enjoying the last days of summer in the Big Apple. It surely has the best food too!!

More BI Workshops from the OAUG and ITC to Come!

If you are disappointed that you missed this chance, there is another class coming up in October (26th – 30th) OBIEE for End Users, be sure to sign up on here. We’ll also certainly be offering the OBIEE for Administrators class again at a date to be determined.
Be sure to check out the rest of the Public Worskhops that the OAUG and IT Convergence have scheduled.

– Anu P.