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Next Step R12 Upgrade

Next Step R12 Upgrade

It’s imperative to remain competitive with the latest technology; obsolete software will greatly diminish communication within an organization. Informed decisions can easily be produced if you have clear access to the content you’ve already gathered. That’s why many businesses have decided to upgrade the Oracle R12 E-Business Suite, which offers a comprehensive array of modules and tools to help secure a return on investments in terms of time and performance.

We recently asked our Global Information Systems Manager to explain the benefits of upgrading in comparison with remaining on an older version of the Application, and we received the following response:

• Maintenance linked costs can be significantly lowered if software upgrades are performed on a regular basis. Remaining on an older version of the application will incur Extended Support fees that are considerably higher than those related to Premier Support. An organization will also have to dedicate a support team whose primary purpose is to patch customizations whereas competitors will not need to devote resources to patching.

• Organizations with an Oracle infrastructure that have not sustained regular upgrades will require a labor intensive data migration. A Database upgrade to facilitate the R12 is composed of a series of Data Conversions; this is one of the requirements to producing a streamlined architecture.

• Upgrading a de-supported version of the Application creates the added hurdle to train the staff on relatively new technology in comparison with a simple introduction to the new features available within the latest version.

Premier Support to the 11.5.10 Application will conclude on November 2010. In answer to Oracle’s deadline to upgrade or become de-supported, the OAUG and IT Convergence have responded with our latest Workshop –
Preparing for an R12 Upgrade.

The “Preparing for an Oracle R12 Upgrade” Workshop focuses on pre-project activities, this includes: Infrastructure, Installation, Configuration, User Adoption, Customization, Data Conversions, Support and Hosting. Creating a comprehensive Business Process Map is a key aspect in defining realistic Project Goals and Boundaries. The primary objective of the upgrade is to maximize the efficiency within the organization with a minimal amount of disruption to the day-to-day business activities.

Technical and Functional roles within the upgrade require particular educational requirements, but an interdependence exists! This is why it is imperative for all roles within the core team to have a clear view of the big picture to effectively allocate resources during appropriate phases of the upgrade. This Workshop creates the unique opportunity for individuals from varied roles to exchange ideas along with share perspectives, thus potentially gather tips for mitigating project risks.

Take your first step in the right direction; ask the questions and get the answers you need before you start. The next “Preparing for an R12 Upgrade” Workshop will be held in New York from June 14th to 17th, 2010. Be sure to reserve your place and move your career in the fast lane, click here to go to our website.

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