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OBIEE Webinar Transcript and Power Point Now Available

OBIEE Webinar Transcript and Power Point Now Available

IT Convergence’s Technology Services team hosted its first Webinar titled “Get Smart, Make Better Decisions with Business Intelligence” on Thursday November 20th. The Webinar offers a sweeping and inclusive overview of the business intelligence landscape before focusing on OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Executive Edition).

Attendees learned about the structure and trends within the Business Intelligence marketplace and then got a chance to understand the challenges which have traditionally bedeviled BI implementations, namely cost, complexity, and duration.

The rest of the Webinar highlighted why OBIEE changes the BI paradigm by giving decision makers cost-effective access to quality business intelligence solutions.

Attendees got detailed explanations of each component of the OBIEE suite and an in-depth description of the pre-built Oracle BI Analytics that come as part of OBIEE. The Webinar then provided insights on how decision makers can apply these analytics to improve Sales, Finance, Supply Chain and Procurement, Service, Marketing, and HR functions.

A discussion on how OBIEE lowers total cost of ownership rounded out the discussion before the Q&A session began, where attendees got more information about leveraging their existing BI investments in things like Oracle Discoverer with OBIEE, the data storage needs and performance impact assessments that accompany an OBIEE implementation, and extending OBIEE’s information to Dashboards.

You can download the Power Point and Q&A Transcript of “Get Smart: Make Better Decisiosn with Oracle Business Intelligence” from busienss intelligence solutions of the IT Convergence Website. Click here to go there now.