On the Future of Oracle EBS

Recently we had our webcast: “Oracle Cloud Is Here: EBS, What Does Your Future Hold?” which focused on the future of Oracle EBS and the new features of its latest version, Oracle EBS R12.2.5. Today we bring you a transcript of the live Q&A session our experts shared with the webcast attendees. In case you missed it and would like to review the presentation, you can always download a copy here.

What can you tell us about security and the cloud?
Oracle is the only Cloud vendor that builds the hardware, the database and the application, so they secure at all three levels. Then, there’s the fact that their data centers have embassy-level security – only Oracle Badge employees are allowed. Security is an absolute priority to Oracle, and it should be, as a single security breach could damage their entire reputation.

If we are currently on an 11i version, what is the optimal path to the cloud?
Unfortunately there’s not a good technical path to do this upgrade, in part because architecturally, the Cloud leverages a lot of Oracle EBS, but it is different enough to be a reimplementation. So customers on Oracle EBS find the implementations go faster as conceptually, many things are the same (Chart of Accounts structure, ledgers, etc.) With the Cloud, implementations are much shorter – we’re talking 2 to 4 months for most implementations of Financials.

Is it possible to do the configuration through EBS Mobile Apps? 
There’s no “sysadmin” mobile app available yet, though we are aware that Oracle has been working on some ideas. The point for building a mobile app is that needs to be useful: if doing certain things, such as creating responsibilities or adding a function is not as simple to do on mobile screens due to forms and etc., it might not be worth it yet. Every organization who is building mobile apps goes through these discussions. We’d say the main points to bear in mind are: engaging users, giving them a good UI, and making an app that they are going to use.

Do you have any client with EXADATA and 12.2? If so, did you apply any specific patch for performance?
Yes, we host one client with this combination. If you’re interested in learning more about this case study, feel free to contact us.