QA for Why Is Open Source the Smartest Choice for Hybrid Integration?

Yesterday we had our webcast: “Why Is Open Source the Smartest Choice for Hybrid Integration?” and our experts answered a few questions live. Today we bring you the transcript and the chance to download the recording and presentation.

Q: We’re running JDE and Workday, do you have any type of connectors or accelerators for this type of integration?
A: From an integration perspective, we don’t have accelerators for JD Edwards yet, but it is on our roadmap to develop Oracle apps connectors and other ones on-demand.

Q: Do you have accelerators in place for a and Oracle EBS integration project?
A: Yes, from previous development projects we have accelerators for connecting key components as AR invoices, customers, Inventory etc. Same thing with the canonical data model within Salesforce, we have reusable components to accelerate the integration with Oracle and other systems.

Q: How is the pricing model compared to other solutions in the market?
A: This is the biggest advantage of leveraging WSO2’s middleware, since it’s Open Source, the pricing is not weighed solely against the purchase of product but with the production support infrastructure. For a typical EBS integration, you’re looking at $10,000 of annual support per year, and there’s no cost for additional licensing for development and testing. The cost might go up if there are additional components incorporated into the infrastructure.

You can download the webinar presentation and recording here, and contact us for any additional inquiries or service requests.