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Map Through the Maze Oracle 11i/R12.x Desupport Webcast Q and A Transcript

Map Through the Maze Oracle 11i/R12.x Desupport Webcast Q and A Transcript
Our February webcast, “Map Through the Maze:  Understanding Oracle 11i and R12.x Desupport Policies” was an outstanding success. Over 250 people registered for the event and closed to 200 were able to log in to the web conference bridge.

As always, we are happy to provide a complete copy of the entire Q and A chat transcript.

Q: Can you share a copy of the Oracle 11i Desupport timeline graphic?

Certainly, we’re happy to do that right here. Please keep in mind that these are the graphic reflects the Oracle 11i Desupport timeline announced at Oracle OpenWorld 2012.

Q: We assume 1099 patches fall under tax, legal and regulatory updates, so these would not be included as part of sustaining support (normally)?

Yes, that is correct. As announced at OOW 2012, Oracle will provide an exception for the first 13 months of Sustaining Support for Oracle E-Business Suite 11.5.10, valid from December 1, 2013 – December 31, 2014. This will be comprised of:

• New fixes for Severity 1 production issues,
• Critical Patch Updates (CPUs), up to and including the October 2014 CPU
• United States Form 1099 2013 year-end updates (for Oracle Financials/Accounts Payable
• Regulatory Payroll updates for the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia for each country’s fiscal year ending in 2014.
• Exception for CPUs until October 2014 is newly added feature as of October 29, 2012.
For more information please refer to: ANNOUNCEMENTS: E-Business Suite 11.5.10 Sustaining Support Exception & 12.1 Extended Support Now to Dec. 2018 [ID 1495337.1].

Q: What are the minimal levels that will continue to be supported for the OID-IDM-PORTAL tech stacks integrated with

Below is the information from the certifications’ page from

E-Business Suite Release 11i

Oracle Access Manager:
Oracle Application Server (SOA) Adapter for Oracle Applications,
Oracle Application Testing Suite 9.0, 9.1
Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
Oracle Business Intelligence Applications 7.9.5, 7.9.6 ( 7.9.4)
Oracle Data Integrator
Oracle Discoverer and Cumulative Patchsets,
( 4i,,,,,
Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On (via Oracle Access Manager)
Oracle GoldenGate
Oracle Identity Federation (via Oracle Access Manager)
Oracle Identity Manager Connector Pack (via Oracle Access Manager)
Oracle Internet Directory,
( 3.0.1,,, ,,,,,,
Oracle Portal,
( 3.0.9,,,,,,,
Oracle Secure Enterprise Search (SES)
Oracle Single Sign-On
Oracle SOA Suite
Oracle Virtual Directory (via Oracle Access Manager)
Oracle Web Cache (,

Q: What were the results of the 1st poll?

Yes, due to a technical glitch we were unable to show the results from the first poll. However, we’ll be publishing the full results from the ERP survey in a day or so right here on the IT Convergence blog. Thanks for your patience.

Q: When is Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 going to be generally available?

Oracle has not released a date yet for the General Availability of Release 12.2. From day one Oracle has said that Release 12.2 will be a quality driven release. IT Convergence has been one of the first Beta Testers of this release . We have conducted multiple tests and I can tell you that our impression is that we’re very close to a final product.

Q: Will there be a direct upgrade path from Oracle Applications to Oracle 12.2?

There are upgrade paths from, 12.0.X and 12.1.X to Release 12.2. If you’re in the middle of a Release 12.1 upgrade, you must continue down that path which will be where most of the changes will be. Going from Oracle EBS 12.1.3 to Oracle EBS 12.2 will be a technical upgrade.

Q: Does the Oracle’s exception extension for EBS includes data fixes?

Per the exception for, valid from December 1, 2013 until December 31, 2014, Oracle will be providing new fixes for Severity 1 production issues.

Q: I understand we will get 1099 patch in Dec 2013, will we still get the patch in Dec 2014 if we did not upgrade to R12? Can you also confirm the same for patches for Synchro?

That is correct, you will be getting United States 1099 form for 2013 year end updates for your payables. Regarding Synchro, we are pretty sure that these will be available, but our Brazil office  is in the process of confirming this and will update you individually.

Update 3/1/13. We have contacted Synchro and they have confirmed that the integration layer of Oracle-Synchro for Oracle 11i will be supported by Synchro until the last Oracle client in Brazil migrates to Oracle R12

Q: Are there any minimum patch requirements for the exception support for ?

Yes, there is a Minimum Extended Support Baseline for EBS 11i.
Patch Requirements for Extended Support of Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11.5.10 [ID 883202.1]
• EBS 11.5.10 with Consolidated Update 2
• ATG Rollup Patchset 6 (Patch 5903765)
• Database or
• Forms6i Patchset 19 (Version, Patch 6194129)
• Oracle HTTP Server MLR Patchset 4393827
• Sun Java Runtime Engine (JRE) 1.6.0_03+
• Additional Patches for each product

There also information of the recommended Browsers for Oracle E-Business Suite 11i in My Oracle Support document [ID 285218.1]

Q: Is this documented, meaning has exception support for Oracle E-Business Suite been spelled out?

Yes, this was a formal communication from Oracle Corporation, changing their support policies for specific products.

The information is available at My Oracle Support “ANNOUNCEMENTS: E-Business Suite 11.5.10 Sustaining Support Exception & 12.1 Extended Support Now to Dec. 2018 [ID 1495337.1]”

In the event that you either missed fear not, there are plenty of ways in which you can get up to speed on Oracle 11i and R12 Desupport issues and/or begin preparing for your upgrade to Oracle R12 and/or Oracle Fusion Applications.

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