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Oracle and Islands…..

Oracle and Islands…..

I am not Ben Southall and this wasn’t Hamilton Island off the coast of Queensland, Australia, and I don’t get paid to blog about how I spent my day(For the uninitiated, I am referring to the “Best Job in the World” – Google it!)

But I am extremely happy to be blogging about Collaborate’s evening at the Islands of Adventure within Universal Studios, Orlando. If there was still any doubt on the excitement at the main event, this is where it was raised to a crescendo.

At 6.30 pm sharp, a convoy of buses (I counted at least 12) left the convention center and 20 mins later we were being escorted into this theme park exclusively reserved for Collaborators.

You may have read my colleague’s blog entry on the Customer Appreciation event at Treasure Island during Open World 2008. (What is it with Oracle and “islands?”) This event too, had DJ’s entertaining us with music, entertainers, belly dancers, Mediterranean music and even dancers with snakes around their necks. There were food and beverage stalls all throughout and the rides and games were free.

All in all it was an excellent evening to “unwind” and the perfect mix of leisure to 4 days of business.

Earlier in the day, my session had a handful of attendees. It was well received and I was glad to share my global experiences with others who may be going down that path in the near future.

Thursday brings Collaborate 09 to a close. It may have not had the huge numbers we have been accustomed too, but those who are here are committed and serious users, customers and vendors who do not let blips in the economy affect their business growth plans.Till tomorrow then..- Subash