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BAM! Your Questions on Real Time Monitoring with Oracle BAM Answered

BAM! Your Questions on Real Time Monitoring with Oracle BAM Answered
Ten days ago IT Convergence held the webcast “BAM! Real Time Monitoring and Event Driven Analytics with Oracle BAM” which drew an excellent turnout and was an outstanding success.

Oracle BAM
Oracle BAM

As always, we’re happy to provide a full transcript of the webcast Q and A.

How do we use Oracle BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) for current deployed applications that do not raise any sensor?

From what I understand of your question, you’re saying you already have SOA composites deployed on SOA Enterprise Manager and you want to plug in BAM.

There are a few options for this:

1st option is: If you are using SOA10g you can integrate using sensor and sensor actions to interact with Oracle BAM. With SOA11g Oracle Provides BAM adapter to plugin with SOA Composites, fastest option for streaming data with BAM.

2nd option is we can basically build a simple light weight BPEL/OSB service and invoke them from functional services and post messages on to a JMS queue , BAM can consume messages using enterprise message sources and display data on BAM dashboards

The 3rd option is if you have Enterprise level error handling framework that has been build and if pushing data into a database, we can definitely create a BAM Data object using external data source and build real-time dashboards.

Can you talk a little bit more about the BAM adapter for Oracle E-Business Suite?

Sure, if you want to use the Oracle BAM adapter for your Oracle E-Business Suite, but remember there is no direct integration with E-Business suite.  However, you can use Oracle BAM as a web service that is exported from Oracle BAM. Technically that is possible.

Has IT Convergence ever build any apps for smart phones to monitor business activity?

We actually have one customer who is currently looking at mobile app integration. However, we are still in the process of gathering the project details so we can’t share information on this specific customer right now.
In addition, there’s something else to mention. If you’ve been following closely to how the Service Oriented Architecture suite has developed in the middleware sector alongside with Oracle BAM – specifically in regards to going from sensor to adaptor. Since it is dashboard functionality you can use it through your mobile apps by connecting it to the adapters which can now use either the SOA Suite or any other open architecture to collect that information and publish it in the dashboard.  So it’s possible, it just depends on the version you’re using and how you want to use it with your mobile applications whether it be iPhone, iPad, etc.

How do you select multiple components from the SOA Suite?

It depends on your requirement, that’s why when you look at the Fusion Middleware Suite, it provides different components which work together but also most of the components can work in a stand-alone mode.

For example: How do you decide between using OSB vs. BPEL composites? How to decide when to use BAM or ODI or Business rules or Human workflow? All of those tools are being driven by business processes that are currently what you have as part of your disparate systems and how you’re integrating your business processes with those various systems.

If your  pain points  are monitoring and resubmission, orchestrating the Business Processes or you want to subscribe and publish using the new technologies, that will define which component you can use either as a stand along or as an integrated solution.

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