Oracle Cloud Adapter Ends the “Best of Breed vs. Ease of Integration” Dilemma

In the not too distant past, CRM-ERP integration used to be a messy, not to mention costly business. Moreover, it also involved scalability headaches arising from the pain caused by the need to unravel tightly coupled point-to-point integrations that were already in place. It scared most businesses away, leaving them with an “either/or” scenario giving them best-of-breed or ease of integration, but not both.

oracle cloud integration erp sfdc

In IT Convergence’s case, we got around this issue by rolling out the old, on-premise Oracle CRM module which integrated perfectly with Oracle E-Business Suite. Sure, the functionality left a little (our sales department would say “a lot”) to be desired, especially when you compared it to a robust CRM solution like – but it was easier and cheap, right?

Well, for a time it was. We even delivered a presentation called “Why Oracle CRM is Better than…. When You Do It Right” at Collaborate 08.

So what happened? We grew, and as we grew we needed more out of our sales and marketing solution. We need solutions that enabled our users, not just software to “plug-n-play.” Actually we needed both, but decided to try life on the other side of the railroad tracks, and rolled out!’s functionality was light years ahead of our old Oracle CRM solution, but we were still caught in the “best-of-breed vs. integration trap.”

Enter the Oracle Cloud Adapter…

….Times are changing with the arrival of the Oracle Cloud Adapter which dramatically simplifies the integration question. Integration is now more convenient and less costly than ever, making your choice to switch to the solution a no-brainer.  That’s why we’re inviting companies like yours to our webcast “Get Your ERP to Talk to with Oracle Cloud Adapter” on Thursday May 22nd and 9:00 am Pacific/12:00 pm Eastern.

Did Google Bring You Here Long After the Webcast?

Should Google, Yahoo, Bing, or another search engine that hasn’t been invented yet bring you here long after May 22, 2014 fear not. You can still get more information on Oracle Cloud Adapter and/or other SOA/Fusion Middleware solutions on our website. Likewise, you can contact us to set up a 1-1 meeting.